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2 out of 3 employers in Crimea accept young specialists for internships

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Internships for young professionals are organized by 66% of Crimean companies, while every second of them employs more than half of the interns. In a survey of a high-paying job search service SuperJob Employers and young people under 27 with trainee experience took part.

66% of Crimean employers accept young professionals for internships. At the same time, every fifth company (22%) has appropriate programs, and 44% train young people without a specially approved concept. Only 17% of organizations do not have internships. Employers often view interns as potential employees: every second company (50%) invites more than half of those who have interned with it. Only 9% of HR managers surveyed reported that they did not make job offers to interns at all.— noted in the press service of the service.

As an opportunity for employment, internships are often considered by young people who have experience in passing them. 3 out of 4 citizens (78%) with internship experience received a job offer as a result of the internship, while 56% accepted it, and 22% refused. Only 6% of respondents did not receive a job offer from the company where they interned.

How do students and graduates feel about internships? For 60% of the respondents, an internship is primarily an opportunity to gain practical skills, for 24% it is a chance of employment, for every ninth (11%) it is a search for oneself and an attempt to decide on a profession.

Time: April 24 — May 17, 2023

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