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54% of Crimeans do not like corporate events

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Every second Crimean was not at the last corporate party: every third was absent for a good reason, and 13% admitted that they were absent. Representatives of the economically active population working in companies organized by corporate parties took part in the survey of the SuperJob service for finding highly paid jobs.

46% of Crimeans positively evaluate corporate events organized by their employer: 20% definitely like them, and 26% rather like them. On the contrary, 54% have a negative attitude: 25% categorically dislike the holidays held by the company, and 29% rather dislike them. Among the most popular arguments are the uninteresting format of the event and poor organization: “They are held in the office, with the mechanical presentation of certificates”; «I hate online events.»

Those who positively perceive corporate events are more among women than among men (in general, 51% versus 41%). Definitely positively, such events are most often assessed by employees from 35 to 44 years old (17%).

Every second employee (52%) was at the last corporate party organized by the company. One in three (35%) said that they missed it for a good reason, and 13% admitted that they skipped the event. There are much more truants and those who did not come for good reasons among those who do not like corporate holidays. Those surveyed under 34 (20%) most often frankly admit to absenteeism, and respondents over 45 (34%) more often say that there was a good reason for absenteeism. Those who were at the last corporate party are more among women than among men (59% versus 45%).

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Every third citizen (34%) is more likely to approve of colleagues who skip corporate parties. The respondents explain their position with the right of the employee to spend his free time at his own discretion: “I don’t like coercion.” Every eleventh (9%), on the contrary, rather disapproves of such colleagues: in their opinion, it is not so difficult sometimes to devote time to informal communication with the team. 57% found it difficult to assess such behavior: «People’s circumstances may be different.»

Time: May 1-19, 2023

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