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74% of Crimeans let their classmates cheat during their school years

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Cheating at school was most often given by current PR managers, educators and purchasing managers, and those who refused classmates most of all were among programmers, economists and marketers. In a survey of a high-paying job search service SuperJob representatives of the economically active population from the Crimea took part.

3 out of 4 Crimeans (74%), being schoolchildren, allowed their classmates to cheat. Judging by the comments, in many cases this was not an occasional help to friends, but a significant part of the educational process: “I did social studies, history and geometry, in return I received solutions in algebra, chemistry and physics”; “I copied first, and then they copied from me.” Only 6% of the respondents said that their notebooks were always closed to classmates: in their opinion, it is unethical to succeed at the expense of someone else’s work (“A neighbor on my desk cheated from me and got 5, and I got 3. I didn’t let me cheat anymore”). Every eleventh city dweller (9%) admitted that no one asked him to write off: “I was a chronic C student”, — noted in the press service of the service.

Most of those who shared solved homework and control tasks with classmates during their school years are among respondents with higher education (77%). Those who refused are most often found among young people under 24 (12%).

Among representatives of 25 common professional groups, PR managers (88%), educators (83%) and purchasing managers (77%) most often told about what they allowed to cheat. Those who refused such assistance to classmates are most among programmers and economists (12% each), as well as marketers (10%). Drivers (15%), designers (11%) and salespeople (10%) said that they were not asked to write off more often than others.

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