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78% of drivers note the fairness of the individual CMTPL pricing principle

CrimeaPRESS reports:

According to a survey conducted by VTsIOM in May 2022 of the year, immediately 78% of car owners consider the individual OSAGO tariff calculation system to be fair. Pyotr Shkumatov, coordinator of the Blue Bucket Society movement, is sure that such a positive perception by motorists of the individual system for calculating the cost of OSAGO indicates the high effectiveness of the reform of the individualization of tariffs for mandatory “autocitizenship”. According to the expert, it is thanks to the introduction of an individual pricing system that insurers in the OSAGO segment manage to maintain the cost of policies for decent motorists at a stable level from year to year. Numerous statistics are prepared about this from the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (RSA). According to the VTsIOM survey, 16% of respondents or every sixth motorist noted that the operation of an individual cost calculation system led to a decrease in the cost of his OSAGO policy. Car owners with a valid OSAGO policy from all federal districts of the Russian Federation took part in the survey.

Such results demonstrate the benefits of individualization for drivers, because the more careful the car owner behaves on the road, the cheaper the cost of the policy is for him. The individualization of OSAGO has led to the fact that careful drivers began to receive financial advantages. In the face of rising cost of car maintenance, the price of OSAGO policies for such car owners remains at the same level or even decreases. Let me remind you that according to the RSA statistics, the average premium for OSAGO in March 78 of the year amounted to only 5 814 rubles, which is quite correlated with the data of previous years , says the expert.

Petr Shkumatov is sure that although the economic crisis and the withdrawal of many foreign manufacturers of auto parts from the domestic market have reduced the purchasing power of citizens, compulsory auto insurance plays the role of an island of reliability for most motorists. Russian drivers clearly see the dependence of OSAGO prices on their driving style and understand that conscientious drivers do not need to pay for reckless drivers and unscrupulous car owners. Also, according to the RSA data for 15 December 2021 of the year, 10, 1 million Russian drivers had the maximum discount on OSAGO due to the bonus-malus coefficient (MBM), which directly depends on the accident rate.

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Evgenia Lazareva, Director of the Fund for the Rights of Borrowers, explains:

The results of the survey demonstrate that the principles underlying the liberalization of OSAGO meet the expectations of the majority of experienced car owners. In our opinion, it is this category of drivers that should be targeted, since their driving experience is the key to reducing the risk of accidents for other road users. It is obvious that the greatest support is observed precisely among motorists with significant experience. When one driver has dozens of accidents, and another has years without a single accident, the question arises why they should pay the same. Individual rates are fair. Low-risk insurers with a good track record are feeling lower policy costs and their support for individualization will only increase.

The regulator represented by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the legislature and the RAMI continue to pursue a course towards reforming OSAGO in Russia, the key step of which was the transition of the compulsory auto insurance segment to individual pricing in August 2020 of the year, and then and the expansion of the OSAGO tariff corridor by decree of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in September of the same year. According to the results of the VTsIOM survey and the official statistics of the RSA, such a decision is aimed primarily at the benefit of motorists and the maintenance of OSAGO as a socially significant type of insurance.

Source: ppress service Information project «OSAGO: public expertise»

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