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A memorial sign «Our Heroes of the Northern Military District» was opened in Bakhchisarai

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On it are the names of 17 residents of the city and the Bakhchisarai region who died in the NMD.

In Bakhchisarai, on the Alley of Glory, a memorial sign «Our Heroes of the North Military District» was unveiled, perpetuating the memory of fellow countrymen who fell during a special military operation.

A memorial sign

The monument includes memorial plates with the names of 17 heroes — residents of the city and the Bakhchisarai region, as well as a symbolic poem by Pyotr Kazakov:

At the limit of man’s strength

Under fire unmerciful

I got splintered

Appointment to the Immortal Regiment!

And while the farewell anthem

The musicians didn’t play

You remember me alive

And not a line in the memorial!

Only the one who fought himself

I went forward without sparing my strength,

Knows the value of holy words:

Mom, Motherland, Home, Russia!

A memorial sign

In the stone are the names of brave fighters — real patriots, who are proud of the Bakhchisaray land. Strong in spirit, brave and faithful to the Fatherland until the last breath — their names will forever remain in the memory of the Crimeans.

A memorial sign

Relatives and friends of the fallen fellow countrymen, military personnel, leadership and employees of the city and district administration, city and district councils, representatives of the Brotherhood of Arms, schoolchildren and students, youth soldiers, cadets, as well as residents of the city gathered at the memorial. The monument was erected at the initiative of the city administration with the assistance of the district administration.

A memorial sign

Having opened the memorial sign, the head of the administration of Bakhchisaray Dmitry Skoblikov noted that the city had lost the best:

This is an irreparable loss, every soldier is a real hero, and literally three hundred kilometers from here, fighting continues, fighting for justice and our peaceful future.

A memorial sign

Volunteer, who recently returned from the zone of the special operation Maxim Titkov, said that the letters and drawings of children sent by the soldiers are very important for the soldiers. Maxim also urged to study history, remember the merits of past generations, love and protect their homeland.

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A memorial sign

The memory of the fallen heroes — the people of Bakhchisaray was honored with a minute of silence and laid flowers at the memorial «Our Heroes of the NMD».

A memorial sign

Their names are forever entered in the book of immortal glory, courage and valor. Eternal memory to the fallen soldiers:

Kuzmenkov Nikolai Petrovich 03/01/1990 — 03/06/2022

Sinkevich Yuri Alexandrovich 08/07/1982 — 04/17/2022

Grigoriev Andrey Leonidovich 10/24/1971 — 07/19/2022

Konovalenko Denis Vladimirovich 08/30/1991 — 08/09/2022

Fomenko Alexander Olegovich 04/09/1998 — 09/09/2022

Seydametov Muslim Savrievich 08/09/2002 — 10/01/2022

Volgin Vladimir Sergeevich 04/21/1993 — 10/20. 2022

Orlov Roman Yaroslavovich 03.08.1992 — 25.10. 2022

Nematulaev Reshat Irfanovich 09/09/1987 — October 2022

Parkhomenko Alexander Alexandrovich 08.12.1993 — 07.12.2022

Venzhega Sergey Sergeevich 06.12.1987 — 10.12.2022

Ageevets Vyacheslav Alexandrovich 07/18/1975 — 12/20/2022

Violinist Andrei Vladimirovich 03/17/1977 — 02/07/2023

Pokusaev Alexander Alexandrovich 06/29/1983 — 03/16/2023

Kalinichenko Yury Vladimirovich 08/21/1968 — 03/20/2023

Kopeikin Alexander Yurievich 02/12/1978 — 03/27/2023

Shestak Denis Georgievich 03/18/1984 — 04/07/2023

A memorial sign

Photo: administration of Bakhchisarai.

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