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A million rubles: a taxi dispatcher from Crimea trusted her inner voice and won the lottery

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Zhanna Kostyukova * participates in state lotteries from Stoloto, listening to her sixth sense. For the last four years, the inner voice did not prompt the winner, so Zhanna did not buy tickets. But everything changed this year in the 1473rd draw of the Russian Lotto, in which the Crimean woman won 1 million rubles.

Every day I walk past the Stoloto lottery points, but I was not drawn there for a long time. And this time there was a premonition that I would win, and I went. In front of me, a woman bought several tickets from a new pack. I pulled out two at random from there and in addition bought a set of three combined tickets— the Stoloto press service quotes a woman.

Zhanna followed the draw on the NTV channel live and crossed out the numbers in all the tickets at the same time. Having learned about the big win, the participant was not surprised and reacted calmly, because even when buying tickets she was sure of her victory.

I first told my husband about the million, but he did not believe me. I think he was confused by my confidence. In the evening, I checked the ticket on the Stoloto website and showed him the winnings. The husband said if this is true, then he will begin to believe in miracles.The woman laughs.

The winner has not yet decided how to dispose of the winnings. Zhanna works as a taxi dispatcher. He spends his free time in the countryside and likes to grow flowers along the paths.

Since 2014, all lotteries in Russia have been state-owned, their organizers are the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, and they are held under state supervision of the Federal Tax Service of Russia. State lotteries distributed by Stoloto are a significant source of replenishment of the budgets of different levels of the Russian Federation in order to finance socially significant objects and events, including events for the development of physical culture and sports, elite sports and the sports reserve training system — thus making a significant contribution to improve the quality of life of Russians. The total amount of the transferred targeted deductions from lottery activities to the budget of the Russian Federation with a total cumulative total at the beginning of the second half of 2022 amounted to 19.1 billion rubles. The total amount of transferred deductions and fees to the budgets of different levels of the Russian Federation (including targeted deductions) from lottery activities with a total cumulative total at the beginning of the second half of 2022 amounted to 41.2 billion rubles.

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* Photo published with the permission of the winner.

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