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A resident of St. Petersburg tried to swim from the Crimea to Ukraine in order to … «fight on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

For his «feat» a Russian citizen received six years in prison.

The Supreme Court of Crimea sentenced a 31-year-old resident of St. Petersburg to six years in a penal colony, who planned to fight on the side of Ukraine against Russia. He was found guilty of preparing for high treason.

The court qualified the actions of the defendant under Part 1 of Art. 30 (“Preparation for a crime”), art. 275 (“High treason”) and part 3 of Art. 30, part 1, art. 322 («Illegal crossing of the state border of the Russian Federation») of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. According to the totality of crimes, by absorbing a less severe punishment by a more severe one, he was sentenced to a final sentence of six years in prison to be served in a penal colony with a strict regime. The defendant was sentenced to additional punishment in the form of restriction of liberty for one year after serving the prison term.the message says.

It was established that a resident of St. Petersburg was an opponent of a special military operation and in 2022 decided to go to the territory of Ukraine to participate in hostilities against the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. On the Internet, he contacted a representative of a volunteer military unit that recruited Russian citizens and helped them enter Ukraine.

Upon arrival on the territory of the peninsula, on August 6, 2022, the defendant set out by swimming in the direction of Odessa through the Black Sea. With him he had a camouflage uniform, berets and other items acquired to go over to the side of the enemy. The defendant performed various swimming and water recreation techniques, while observing secrecy measures, evading the possible suppression of his illegal activities by employees of the border authorities of the Russian Federationthe court noted.

The «voyage» ended quickly — the «swimmer» was found and taken aboard a border guard ship near the village of Olenevka in the Black Sea region of Crimea.

Thus, his illegal activity, aimed at committing treason in the form of going over to the side of the enemy, was not brought to an end due to circumstances beyond his control and was stopped at the preparation stage.added in court.

Let’s summarize: the sentence for the «volunteer» is 6 years in prison. The verdict did not enter into force.

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