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A resident of the Bakhchisarai district stole a cryptocurrency from a student from Tyumen

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Bakhchisarai District Court of the Republic of Crimea prosecuted a resident of the Bakhchisarai District, born in 2000, for stealing electronic money belonging to a student from Tyumen. The defendant was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment with a suspended sentence of three years’ probation.

As established by the materials of the criminal case, in the middle of last year, a resident of the Bakhchisaray district created an account in one of the messengers on behalf of the support of the cryptocurrency exchange. For criminal purposes, the young man investigated the data of users of the cryptocurrency exchange posted on the Internet in the public domain and became interested in one of the accounts. Out of selfish motives, the attacker, on behalf of the technical support of the cryptocurrency exchange, entered into correspondence with an unfamiliar person, who turned out to be a student from Tyumen. The defendant convinced the victim to give him the personal data of his account and thereby gained access to the website of the cryptocurrency exchange on the Internet from the profile of the deceived young man. Using the obtained access, the Crimean conducted a transaction for the sale of electronic funds in the account in the amount of 13,300 rubles, which were credited to the attacker’s bank account, — reported in the press service of the court.

At the hearing, the defendant declared his full agreement with the charges brought against him, he compensated the damage to the victim in full.

The court concluded that the defendant was guilty and that his actions under paragraph “d” of Part 3 of Article 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation were qualified as secret theft of another’s property, committed with the infliction of significant damage to a citizen, in relation to electronic money.

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No civil action has been filed.

The verdict has not entered into force.

source: press service of the Bakhchisaray District Court of the Republic of Crimea

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