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A «smart» lock has been developed at the Crimean Federal University

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The FabLab laboratory of the Crimean Federal University has created a modern electronic lock with its own software. The development is aimed primarily at use in public organizations such as hotels, educational institutions, hostels and office space. The project was implemented within the program «Priority 2030».

The advantage of our development is that it is not tied to foreign cloud services and other software. We have developed our own control board and our own software. This development can be integrated into any access control system , — quotes the pre-service of the author of the project, the head of the laboratory «FabLab» KFU. IN AND. Vernadsky Vladimir Ovcharenko.

В Крымском федеральном университете разработали «умный» замок

The software developed on the basis of the laboratory allows you to centrally manage the admission system. At the moment of issuing an electronic key (pass), it is encoded for access to certain premises within a given date range.

Another advantage of the system is low power consumption.

Our system consumes approximately 50 microamps in sleep mode. This indicator is at the level of the best foreign developments at the moment, and we continue to improve it , — says Vladimir Ovcharenko.

In order to reduce the cost, the device is designed based on the mechanics of a Chinese electronic lock, but all electronic components are self-made.

The developers plan to add online monitoring of the use of an electronic key using BLE technology to the system, which will allow not to increase the energy consumption of the lock.

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