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A tourist got lost on the slope of Mount Ai-Petri. «Crimea-SPAS» came to the rescue

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Something like this begins the scary tourist stories told around the campfire:One girl in the evening of the floor for a walk in the mountains.…«. Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending. The tourist was rescued… Well, not knights on white horses, but KRYM-SPAS employees on a «tablet» off-road vehicle.

Yesterday, at 18:12, the Ministry of Emergency Situations received a message that during the ascent to the plateau of Mount Ai-Petri, a woman lost her way. He cannot continue moving on his own, the help of rescuers in search and evacuation is required. Rescuers of the Yalta ASO «Crimea-SPAS» left for the place.

On the way to the place of the call, rescuers determined the approximate location of the victim via mobile communications. Employees of the emergency department arrived on the plateau of Mount Ai-Petri and began search work, which was complicated by the dark time of the day. As a result, the victim was found on a rocky area near the top of Ai-Valenti— told in «Crimea-SPAS».

Rescuers evacuated a woman, born in 1991, to a company car and took her to a public transport stop. She did not need medical attention. She will now tell in the evening, by the tourist fire, how the knights of KRYM-SPAS rescued her …

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