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A truck driver from Belarus will be tried in Crimea. Responsible for mass car accident and death

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Crimea, a criminal investigation into a mass accident on the Sevastopol-Inkerman highway, which resulted in the death of a VAZ passenger, has been completed. About this accident HERE. A 27-year-old truck driver from the Vitebsk region is accused of violating the rules of the road and operating a vehicle, which negligently caused the death of a person (part 3 of article 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

On September 21, 2022, the driver of a MAZ car with a semi-trailer, transporting sawn timber from the Republic of Belarus to Sevastopol, exceeded the speed limit on a dangerous section of the Sevastopol-Inkerman road, lost control and collided with five cars moving in the same direction. As a result of a mass accident, a 55-year-old passenger of a VAZ 2108, who, along with his comrades, was also traveling to Sevastopol for construction work, died.

The Investigator for the Investigation of Particularly Important Cases found that the truck had a failure of the brake system as a result of long-term operation of the vehicle and the failure to eliminate a number of violations that should have been detected by the driver during systematic checks— reported in the Sledkom.

The defendant pleaded guilty to the crime in full. At present, the investigation of the criminal case has been completed. The materials were sent to the prosecutor’s office for the purpose of studying, signing the indictment and sending the case to court.

 A truck driver from Belarus will be tried in Crimea. Responsible for mass car accident and death

Photo: Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city of Sevastopol.

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