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Almost 8 out of 10 applicants from Crimea check potential employers

CrimeaPRESS reports:

78% of Crimeans check employers before an interview. Before sending a resume to an employer or going to an interview, job seekers most often read reviews about a company on the Internet. Economically active citizens took part in the survey of the SuperJob search service for high-paying jobs.

Before submitting a resume or going for an interview, 78% of Crimeans check employers, and this is most often done by applicants with above-average salary expectations. Only 6% of candidates skip this step in their job search and placement process. Applicants most often start checking an employer before an interview with reviews on the Internet: 84% study the opinions of former and current employees of the company. 28% are looking for information about a company on its official website. 19% study the company’s financial, tax and court records. 15% find out the opinion of their acquaintances about the employer. 4% of respondents study information about the company through the resumes of former employees and look at how long the company has been operating in the market— noted in the press service of the service.

The most popular way to check is to study reviews about the company. They began to look at official websites for information about the employer more often, and look at social networks less often.

Time: February 28 — March 15, 2023

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