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An attempted naval attack on the South Bay of Sevastopol was thwarted. Who knocked out the enemy drones

CrimeaPRESS reports:

As we already reported, early this morning (around 5:00) three Ukrainian maritime drones tried to attack the South Bay of Sevastopol. All of them were destroyed by the forces of the Black Sea Fleet. Also reported on the air target, which worked out air defense systems.

In the early morning, our fleet repelled an attack by surface drones. In total, three objects have been destroyed by this hour. They tried to penetrate the bay, our sailors fired at them from small arms. Also worked out air defense on an air target. The warships were not damaged. From the explosions of the destroyed enemy naval drones in the buildings on Lenina 2, in the house of Moscow, windows were broken. People were not hurt. Our military confidently and calmly repulsed the attack of enemy drones on Sevastopol. The situation is under control. All operational services at the ready. Trust only official informationsaid in his Telegram channel Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev.

Note that one of the affected buildings is the city government.

An attempt by sea and air attack on the South Bay was thwarted. Enemy drones destroyed

Photo: Alexander Kiryakov

And each offense, and each Act has names and surnames.

A reasonable question: how exactly did they destroy surface targets on the way to Sevastopol. And who excelled. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu did not make a secret out of this.

Today, from 4 am to 5 hours 56 minutes, an attempt was made to hit our facilities in Sevastopol with unmanned aerial vehicles. All three vehicles were destroyed. What I would like to draw attention to. Two devices were destroyed by the senior sailor of the contract service Marina Aleksandrovna Faleeva and the chief foreman Tseluiko Tatyana Vitalievna. I would like to instruct the girls to present for awards and, in accordance with our decisions, issue a cash award for the destruction of enemy objectssaid the Minister.

Sergei Shoigu — about the attempted naval attack on the South Bay of Sevastopol

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He voiced this information during the collegium of the Russian military department. He also announced that the modernization of Moscow’s missile defense system would be completed this year.

Other statements from the Secretary of Defense:

— more than 85% of the military personnel of the Aerospace Forces working with drones gained combat experience during a special military operation;

— up to 90% of operational-tactical aviation crews and 60% of strategic and long-range aviation received combat experience during the special operation;

— The Russian Aerospace Forces during the special operation destroyed more than 20,000 enemy targets, making over 140,000 sorties;

— the space control station «Decoupling» will be on combat duty before the end of the year;

— The Eastern Military District received about 400 units of modern and modernized equipment in 2022;

— The share of modern weapons in the Aerospace Forces will reach 85% by the end of the year.

An attempted naval attack on the South Bay of Sevastopol was thwarted. Who knocked out the enemy drones

Photo: MO RF

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