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An Integration School for students from new regions of Russia has started at KFU

An Integration School for students from new regions of Russia has started at KFU

CrimeaPRESS reports:

At the Crimean Federal University, the integration school “Unified Students” began operating for students admitted from new constituent entities of the Russian Federation — Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics. The goal of the project is to support young people and ensure successful integration into the cultural space of the Republic of Crimea and the Russian Federation. In total, 150 students take part in the project.

The “Unified Students” project is undoubtedly important for those students who came to us from new constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The majority of participants are first-year students from all structural divisions of our university. Coming to us, they are faced with new circumstances, which means they still have a poor understanding of the principles of government, the organization of the education system and interaction in the Russian Federation for absolutely understandable reasons: only a year has passed since these subjects became part of Russia. In this sense, familiarization with all the principles is the essence of integration. These guys look at the traditions of the Crimean Federal University and will further enrich them. This represents the importance of holding an integration school, — said the first vice-rector — vice-rector for international and information policy of KFU. V. I. Vernadsky Sergey Yurchenko.

During the school, participants will undergo a unique and intense program, which includes three educational blocks: socio-legal, where students will receive all the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare documents to receive payments and benefits; historical and cultural, where participants will plunge into the history of Russia and Crimea, explore cultural ties and visit historical monuments; block of opportunities, where students will be told about how they can realize themselves within the framework of the university and the Rosmolodezh grant program.

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As the organizers note, the program will allow students to successfully integrate into the cultural and legal spheres of Russian society.

The integration school will last four days: three educational and one excursion. As part of this school, children will gain knowledge about the social guarantees that exist in Russia, learn about history and culture, and also explore a whole block of opportunities, where our speakers will tell them how to earn their first million, what social grants are and how to With these grants you can help other people– notes Vsevolod Tubaltsev, Deputy Chairman of the Student Chamber of the KFU Student Council.

Based on the results of the school, a training manual will be created, which will be received by first-year students from new constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the next academic year. The school was organized by representatives of the Student Chamber of the KFU Student Council.

Let us remind you that the “Unified Students” project became the winner of the grant competition for youth projects in December 2022.

source: KFU press service

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