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And 4 hours of waiting, and 6 hours, and … Traffic jams in front of the Crimean bridge — a reality given to us in sensation

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Everything is relative. Especially time. Especially the time spent waiting. On the other hand, any encounter with reality is transformed solely through our perception. Both with a plus sign and a minus sign. And what to do if this very reality — traffic jams in front of the Crimean bridge — is beyond our power to change. Messages from drivers standing in the area of ​​the Crimean bridge are not optimistic:

Who is going to the mainland. Conditions on 18: 25 like this. We’ve been standing still for half an hour. This is all the queue for inspection.

И 4 часа ожидания, и 6 часов, и... Пробки перед Крымским мостом - реальность, данная нам в ощущении

But from the Crimea, it’s still okay … 3-4 hours of waiting and here it is, the bridge. Look at the traffic jam lined up from the side of Taman. It seems that this is not a 3-4 hour wait, but much longer.

И 4 часа ожидания, и 6 часов, и... Пробки перед Крымским мостом - реальность, данная нам в ощущении

And it seems that there are more inspection points in front of the Crimean bridge itself, but what’s the point if the traffic has grown geometrically. You cannot speed up the process. Cars and luggage are searched, and people pass through the “frame”. Lose control? Thank you, we have already lived in a relaxed state, thinking, « nothing will happen to us «. In a word, you need to understand.

In the meantime, the reality is this: travel from the Crimea to the mainland on Friday takes up to 4 hours, from the mainland to the Crimea — up to 6 hours.

Road users are asked to be understanding of the situation and the importance of screening activities. Drivers are advised to prepare in advance all the necessary documents for inspection, as well as pack luggage so that it is convenient to unload and load it — this will significantly speed up the passage of control.

During the New Year and Christmas holidays, drivers are encouraged to take into account the situation and allow extra time for the mandatory inspection. You can also use alternative routes, including an overland corridor that passes through Taganrog, Novoazovsk, Mariupol, Berdyansk, Melitopol and Dzhankoy , — turned to autotourists in the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

On the part of the Krasnodar Territory, local authorities have already installed dry closets and heating points with hot tea.

Before entering the bridge from the Krasnodar Territory, in front of the traffic police post, there is a heating point for drivers and passengers. The point has hot tea, water, dry closets are installed. Also organized the supply of water to drivers in a traffic jam. If necessary, the field kitchen will work , — reported the Operational Headquarters of the Krasnodar Territory.

И 4 часа ожидания, и 6 часов, и... Пробки перед Крымским мостом - реальность, данная нам в ощущении

But everyone standing in a traffic jam is still a pity. We went and went to the Crimea for the New Year and then … bam. It is strange that this situation could not be foreseen by the Crimean tourist industry, which was hysterically inviting Russians to “visit the New Year” throughout December.

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You can feel sorry for the «owners» — Kerchans — they get to the railway station … exactly through the clogged highway. The authorities offer an alternative route (but — spoiler — this road, to put it mildly, is so-so, you can get bogged down and fly into a hole).

Dear residents of Kerch and guests of the city! I inform you. In connection with the accumulation of cars at the inspection posts at the entrance to the Crimean bridge, those citizens who need to drive up to the Yuzhnaya station need to choose an alternative route: turn onto the Heroes of Stalingrad highway past the builders’ town , — the head of administration addressed the Kerch residents the city of Svyatoslav Brusakov.

Well, at least somehow … Although why «somehow». Even waiting in a traffic jam (that same “reality”) can be brightened up with an optimistic attitude towards life …

Photo: Elvira Bordakova, VK, Avtopartner Krym, Operational Headquarters of the Krasnodar Territory, en4700665. Video: VK, 366360CRIMEA.

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