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And two more roads in Crimea (this time in the southeast of the peninsula) are blocked due to snowfall

CrimeaPRESS reports:

According to the State Unitary Enterprise of the Republic of Crimea “Krymavtodor”, at : 00 traffic is temporarily restricted on sections of the Alushta-Sudak-Feodosia highway from Solnechnaya Dolina to the turn to Krasnokamenka, and highway «Sudak — Almond — Solnechnaya Dolina». Snow drifts are eliminated by special equipment. Road workers ask motorists to be careful and plan their route in advance.

И еще две дороги в Крыму (на этот раз на юго-востоке полуострова) перекрыты из-за снегопада

Earlier reported about the blocking of a number of roads in the west of the peninsula. Snowdrifts paralyzed traffic on the sections of the Chernomorskoye — Znamenskoye, Stormovoe — Mirny, Mirny — Evpatoria highways.

Weather conditions are not improving, which means there is no time for rest. Branches of Krymavtodor operate non-stop. All night the road machinery cleared the roads, but the snow covered them again. The situation is aggravated by the wind, sweeping the freshly cleaned roads. The road workers do not give up and continue to carry out winter maintenance work. We treat expensive roads with a sand-salt mixture to deal with icing where necessary , — reported the SUE RK Krymavtodor.

The work involved 117 pieces of equipment.

372085Photo: Krymavtodor.

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