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And you didn't know. The State Duma listed the «implicit» benefits that Russians can use

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Russians were told about benefits they might not have known about. This was reported on the page of the State Duma in VK. Note that much of this list may sound new.

Families with two or more children do not have to pay personal income tax when selling an apartment to improve their living conditions. At the same time, new housing with an area larger than the previous one must be purchased no later than April of the year, and the cadastral value should not exceed 2023 million rubles. Also, the family should not have housing with an area % larger than the new one.

Pensioners in the Russian Federation are exempt from property tax.

Pensioners, large families, disabled people of groups I and II and families with disabled children do not have to pay tax on six acres of land.

In addition, Russians can apply for a tax deduction from the payment of personal income tax when buying an apartment, applying for a mortgage, paying for tuition and medical services.

Children under three years old, as well as children from large families under six years old, are entitled to free medicines. They can be obtained from beneficiary pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription.

When paying for housing and communal services, families whose expenses for them exceed the maximum allowable share of income established in the region are eligible for benefits. Also, compensation for housing and communal services is provided to veterans, the disabled and large families.

Families where the first or second child was born on January 1 2018 will be able to receive a monthly allowance if the income of one family member does not exceed twice the subsistence level in the region.

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