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April 1 — Daria Gryaznaya Day. Laugh, but ridicule is not needed

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The church today honors the memory of the saints — Chrysanthus and Daria, who lived in the 3rd century in Rome. Chrysanthos was born into a pagan family, but decided to become a Christian after reading the New Testament. His father wanted to turn the young man away from the Christian faith, so he married him to the priestess of Athena Pallas — Daria. But Chrysanthos converted her to Christianity. The couple both decided to lead a virgin life, urging others to do so. For such an exceptional faith in Christianity, according to legend, Chrysanthus and Darius were executed by the pagans.

Among the people, April 1 was called the day of Daria Poplovikha, a trough, a mud pond. Such a discordant definition of the day was received for a simple reason — the snow melted abundantly, eroding the roads and spreading dirt on them. The peasants even denoted April 1 roughly: «Daria screwed everything up.» But! It was believed that Daria Gryaznaya deer only bad people who had evil thoughts.

Our ancestors also believed that on the first day of April, Brownie begins to become active. Slavs in ancient times believed that he hibernates for the winter, and wakes up only to do housework. According to popular beliefs, Domovoy remained in such a sleepy state until April — until the moment when spring finally came into its own. In order to appease the spirit of the dwelling and cheer him up, on April 1 he was treated to various goodies — milk, porridge, wine and sweets were served.

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The weather according to Daria, of course, was also predicted:

  • A warm and clear day leads to a dry and windy summer.
  • Rain on April 1 — there will be no drought in the summer.
  • Stale snow — the summer will be rotten, and the harvest will be poor.
  • Melt waters murmur — to a good hayfield.
  • The willow blossomed on April 1 — the hives must be opened.
  • At night, the stars are not visible — the weather will be warm in the near future.
  • What is the weather like on April 1st — so will October.

Name days are now celebrated by: Innokenty, Dmitry, Ivan, Daria, Sophia.

And, of course, April 1 is April Fool’s Day or April Fool’s Day. The date on the calendar, on which you can play with relatives, friends and others with complete impunity. The main condition is that jokes must be harmless. Otherwise — the boomerang rule … after all … no one has canceled it.

Where does celebration come from? History is silent on this. Several countries claim the title of «birthplace of the holiday» at once: England, France, Mexico and Sweden. There is a version that originally April 1 was celebrated as the time of Easter and the day of the spring equinox.

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