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April 2 — Fotinia Well Day. Lyon is the hero of the day

CrimeaPRESS reports:

April 2 on the day of Photinya, the well-dwellers praised the flax and did it already at dawn. To do this, people took beautiful linen things, took them out of the house and hung them on birch branches and fences. Embroidered towels were especially often used for these purposes. Unmarried girls began to dance with long towels embroidered especially for the wedding — it was believed that this helps to attract suitors.

By the way, on April 2, young and unmarried people hung special towels on birch branches, on which fish and initials were embroidered. For round dances on April 2, very long towels from 2 to 6 meters were used.

It was said that Photinia is a healer and helps fight fever. It is known that at one time she converted many people to faith in Christ, for which she was thrown into a well. And they believed that Fotinya’s soul remained in the well. In the church, on April 2, special prayers were served to her. They wrote the troparion on paper, tied a note in rags, which the patient had to wear around his neck for 3 days. After that, you need to swallow the note or burn it first and eat the ashes.

Signs on April 2 are associated with weather forecasting:

  • rain on this day portends an abundance of mushrooms and berries in the forest;
  • if it is hot during the day and cold at night, then in the next week the weather will be warm and clear;
  • dampness — to light plowing and fruitful sowing;
  • clear night — to morning frosts;
  • icicles have not yet melted — ahead of the cold;
  • if the snowdrifts melt quickly, and the streams murmur loudly, then in May a lot of grass will grow;
  • an ice crust on melted snow promises a rich harvest, and ice quickly carried away by the river speaks of the same;
  • the absence of frost on April 2 and the mating games of birds — for a favorable summer;
  • the arrival of starlings on the day of Photinia announces the arrival of spring and promises warm weather until late autumn;
  • if clouds float against the wind, and crows curl in the sky, there will be precipitation;
  • the morning cock crow during the rain — to improve the weather;
  • the crane sat on the crust — to a bad harvest;
  • if wagtails arrived, then in 12 days ice drift will begin on the rivers;
  • the cat asks to go outside — to wait for the sun;
  • a dog barks at the moon — to a strong wind;
  • see a hare with a white coat — snow will fall;
  • a snowdrop grew near the house — to replenish the family.

The Christian Church remembers the Holy Martyr Fotinya

The Holy Martyr Photina was the same Samaritan woman with whom the Savior spoke at the well of Jacob. During the time of Emperor Nero (54-68), who showed extreme cruelty in the fight against Christianity, Saint Photina lived in Carthage with her youngest son Josiah and fearlessly preached the Gospel there. Her eldest son Victor bravely fought in the Roman troops against the barbarians and for his services was appointed commander in the city of Attalia (Asia Minor).

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The mayor of Attalia, Sebastian, at a meeting with Saint Victor, advised him to obey the will of the emperor and write to his mother and brother so that they would not preach Christ openly. Saint Victor refused, and when Sebastian warned him of impending disasters, he felt a sharp pain in his eyes, changed his face and became dumb.

For three days he lay blind, not uttering a word, and on the fourth day he confessed Christ. Soon he was baptized and immediately received his sight.

Rumors about what had happened reached Nero, and he ordered the Christians to be brought to him for judgment in Rome. Then the Lord Himself appeared to the confessors and encouraged them. Saint Photina, informed by the Savior of the coming sufferings, accompanied by several Christians, set off from Carthage to Rome and joined the confessors.

In Rome, the emperor ordered the saints to be brought to him and asked them if they really believed in Christ. All the confessors resolutely refused to deny the Savior. After being tortured, Nero ordered Saints Sebastian, Photina and Josiah to be blinded and imprisoned, and Saint Photina with her five sisters — Anastasia, Photo, Photis, Paraskeva and Kyriakia — were sent to the imperial palace under the supervision of Nero’s daughter Domnina. But Saint Photina converted Domnina and all her slave girls to Christ, who received holy Baptism.

It’s been three years…

Nero sent to the dungeon for one of his servants, who were imprisoned. The messengers informed him that Saints Sebastian, Photin and Josiah, who were blinded, became completely healthy, and they are constantly visited by people who listen to their sermon. The dungeon itself has turned into a bright and fragrant place where God is glorified. Nero again ordered the torture of the martyrs, but the Angel of the Lord freed and healed them.

In impotent fury, Nero ordered that Saint Photina be skinned and thrown into a well, the rest of the martyrs were executed.

Saint Photina was pulled out of the well and imprisoned for 20 days. After that, Nero called her to him and asked if she would now submit and make sacrifices to idols. Saint Photina spat in the emperor’s face and, laughing at him, said: “The most impious blind man, a misguided and insane person! Do you really think me so foolish that I agreed to renounce my Lord Christ and sacrifice to blind idols like you?!”

Hearing such words, Nero again ordered the martyr to be thrown into the well, where she gave her spirit to the Lord.

Also on this day, April 2, celebrate:

  • Day of orange icicles
  • Day of Unity of the Peoples of Belarus and Russia
  • International Children’s Book Day
  • World Autism Awareness Day
  • Memorial Day of St. Euphrosynus of Sinozersky, Novgorod
  • April 2 — National Ferret Day — USA
  • Cynologist Day – Ukraine
  • Nature Day — Iran
  • April 2 — National Reconciliation Day — USA
  • Antiquities Day — Thailand
  • National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day — USA
  • April 2 — Malvinas Day — Argentina
  • Name day for Sergei, Victor, Paraskeva, Sevastian, Alexandra, Claudia, Nikita
  • Fotinya Well

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