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April 26 — Hare name day and Medunitsa. And also — bumblebees celebrate name days

CrimeaPRESS reports:

April lungwort is actively blooming. Healing properties were attributed to this plant in the people. On its basis, various decoctions and potions were made, and also used in cooking. The legend of the lungwort says:

  • One day, God wanted to test how devoted he was to a bee, because it was considered the most hardworking creature in the world. And God decided to ask the bee which flowers give wax and which flowers give honey. The bee flew all over the earth and found a large number of flowers. Most of all she liked the lungwort, as well as bird cherry and woodpecker. And she decided to hide them from God, because she was afraid that he would take it all away. However, God found out everything, and when the bee began to enumerate the flowers, he said that she could consume nectar from all flowers except lungwort, woodpecker and bird cherry. He also warned the bee that if she takes bird cherry nectar, she will go blind for days, from woodpecker she will never eat and bring honey, from lungwort she will die the same day. moment. Since then, the bees have never taken nectar from the lungwort.

In addition, 26 in April, bumblebees begin to become active. And today they honor hares! The people said that they were celebrating their name days today.

As for the weather, then:

  • Does the cuckoo scream loudly and drawlingly? The days will be warm.
  • Starry night — by the harvest year.
  • The oak has blossomed — by the warm and fine summer.
  • If there are many acorns left on the oak 26 of April, then the harvest this year will be rich.
  • Golden-yellow primroses have blossomed — real spring will begin soon.
Name days are celebrated today: George, Artamon, Dmitry, Theodosius, Zoilus, Martyrius, Sisinius, Fomaida. 26
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