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April 29 — Arina-hotbed and Navi day. Gardens and cemeteries …

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The name of the day speaks for itself — our ancestors paid special attention to vegetable gardens and orchards on Arina the nursery. They planted vegetables (cabbage and cucumbers) and whitewashed trees, in particular.

And by April 29, the rivers were overflowing and they were entering the right direction. True, they left washed-out shores and washed-out bridges after their «violence». That is why this day was also called by the people «Irina — urvi the coast.»

The Church today honors the memory of the martyr Irina. She led a righteous life, preached faith in Christ, for which she was tortured to death along with her sisters.

As for the weather, it was believed that after April 29, warm and sunny days were finally established. The signs are:

  • The alder blossomed — you can sow buckwheat.
  • Hazel «flamed» — it’s time to plant a forest.
  • The ravines “play”, and then freeze slightly — there will be a lot of interference with the harvest.

Birthdays are celebrated today: Timofey, Leonid, Mikhail, Pavel, Nika, Galina, Irina.

And the Slavs called April 29 — Navi day. It was customary to visit the burial places of deceased relatives and bring them trebs. For a long time, the deceased loved ones were lowered into the water, saying:

Shine, shine, sunshine!

I’ll give you an egg

How a chicken will blow in an oak forest,

Take him to heaven

May all souls rejoice.

*Treba is a Slavic term that denotes a divine service or offering, as well as a sacrifice or the administration of a sacrament, a sacred rite. “Treba” in Slavic means “I create for the soul of God” (“T” — teyu (I create), “R” — Ra (God), “B” — ba (soul)). The requirements of the Slavs are household items, food that are made by hand. The food consisted of kutia, pies, rolls, pancakes, cheesecakes, colored eggs, wine, and beer.

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