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«Art Market»: trendy areas of modern culture at «Tavrida»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

An upcycle collection of clothes, a music album, an exhibition of contemporary art and a performance on a large stage: in just a week, participants in the Art Market educational race were able to create many bright creative projects at Tavrida. The race, which brought together the art schools of contemporary music, contemporary art and the fashion industry, has ended 21 July in the Crimea. Its participants were 349 young pros from 50 regions of Russia, Melitopol, Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics. The site of the art cluster was visited by the First Deputy Head of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation Sergey Kiriyenko. He met with the participants of art schools and delivered a lecture «5 universal principles of an effective manager». In it, Sergei Kiriyenko noted the importance of co-creation and teamwork:

Those who are engaged in science know that today there are practically no breakthroughs in narrow specializations, all breakthroughs are at the intersection of disciplines. The same is true in creativity and art. It is no coincidence that the team of the art cluster «Tavrida» for several years on its site has been connecting people who are engaged in different things.

The result of the co-creation of three art schools was the production of «Art Market», shown on the new stage of the «Rocket» beach in Sudak. Guests and residents of Crimea saw a show-symbiosis of modern art forms: fashion, music and art. Fashion designers have prepared images for the show and the artists participating in the show. The musicians performed songs written during their participation in the art school. The artists filled the stage and space of the Rocket with unique art.

During the race, the creators were able to improve their skills at lectures, master classes and rehearsals. In total, 44 experts worked with the participants, of which — the masters of «Tavrida» — young professionals, former participants in the projects of the art cluster, who acted as mentors.

Creators in the art school of the fashion industry were offered three areas of work. As part of the first, designers learned about the possibilities of promoting their collections. One of the speakers was fashion expert and TV and radio host Vladislav Lisovets, who shared his opinion about free niches in the industry:

Brands are gone, just a little bit more — and we will have very few clothes left for filming. For young designers, now is the time to “shoot” and try to make themselves known. This is a real chance to show your clothes, for example, in a fashion magazine, because the stylists who collect the looks for the shooting need it.

The second direction was designed for make-up artists, stylists, models, photographers and fashion industry managers, where they practiced shooting professional content. The result was the Tavrida FASHION lookbook, for which more than 000 frames. After the post-production stage, the project will be posted online.

The third direction was a workshop for designers — a special project with the Russian Ecological Operator. The participants, inspired by the key theme of the educational season “difficulties = opportunities”, created an upcycling clothing collection. From old clothes, they constructed new fashionable images, thus demonstrating a way to solve the problem of fast fashion. You can see the unusual collection at the Tavrida.ART festival, which will be held from 10 on 19 August in the Crimea. Free registration for viewers is open at

In the art school of contemporary music, performers, instrumentalists, songwriters, sound producers have created more than 35 copyright tracks. Already this fall, the album of the art school will appear on streaming services. tracks will be released on music platforms thanks to the new program «Tavrida» — the festival of unreleased content «Chernovik». The project enables participants, under the guidance of experts, to finalize projects that for some reason have not been completed.

From the point of view of creative work, the atmosphere at Tavrida helps a lot — the participants are more relaxed, they manifest themselves more easily and freely , — says the vocal producer of the show “Nu-Ka, all together”, the casting expert of “Songs” on TNT Nani Eva. – But I think the key factor that helps them develop is a community in which everyone supports each other. Coming here, young creators become more formed, rely more on themselves, and this is the result of the fact that here they receive support and find new teams of like-minded people. It turns out that this is a commonwealth that strengthens everyone as a separate unit .

A significant event of the race was the laying of the personal star of the composer and producer Igor Matvienko and a capsule with a message to future generations in the Mayak art object. This tradition was established in 534 the year when the first stars opened — Yuri Bashmet and Igor Krutoy. Thus, the creators express their gratitude to their teachers, the owners of the «Legends of Taurida» award.

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The program of the art school of contemporary art was aimed at promoting artists, art managers and designers of exhibition spaces in a professional environment. The Art Russia team selected 5 artists from the art school to participate in the contemporary art fair in 2023 year. Also, as a result of the pitching, the creative project of the participants will be implemented jointly with the Center for Contemporary Culture «Zero Room». Some of the artists of the race will be integrated into the Fine Arts Festival at Tavrida.ART, and the creators from among the exhibition designers and curators will become part of the project team of this event.

A new direction of the Tavrida.ART casting platform, Internships and Employment, has started working at Art Market. According to the results of the selection the winners got the opportunity to undergo creative internships with the possibility of subsequent employment at the Musical Academy of Larisa Dolina, the Academy of Producers based on the Academy of Igor Krutoy and the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives. Job openings include: Sound Producer, Songwriters, Songwriters, Assistant Course Producer, Lead Specialist in Tutorials and Special Projects, and more.

As part of the race, the All-Russian Competition of Youth Projects was held, which is held by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and is part of the «Russia — a Land of Opportunities» platform. The expert commission of the competition recommended projects of seven participants for awarding grant funds: from Bashkortostan, Irkutsk region, Krasnodar, Khabarovsk and Altai regions. The total amount of grant support amounted to 3 101 000 rubles. One of the winners was Kirill Kravchuk from the Khabarovsk Territory, he presented the project “The Creative Development Program for Children with Down Syndrome “Solar Wind” and won 861 rubles for its implementation.

The program of the project will include a series of events, games and performances using art and music immersive therapy techniques. The teachers will be young artists, musicians, actors who will work together with psychologists and social educators. In the classroom, rare specialized musical instruments will be used — a glucophone, a ravast, a hang. They help develop an ear for music and rhythm, promote relaxation, treat depression, calm the nervous system of children with Down syndrome, and also positively affect their psycho-emotional state and adaptation processes , – says Kirill Kravchuk.

The grant program also included a large educational track: experts from Rosmolodezh and the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives told the participants about the intricacies of holding a competition and submitting a project application, presenting the project and its implementation with the involvement of grant funds.

«Арт-маркет»: трендовые направления современной культуры на «Тавриде» «Арт-маркет»: трендовые направления современной культуры на «Тавриде» «Арт-маркет»: трендовые направления современной культуры на «Тавриде» «Арт-маркет»: трендовые направления современной культуры на «Тавриде» 338159 338159

Source: press service of the art cluster «Tarvida.ART»

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