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Attention passengers! Information about additional buses «Simferopol — Sevastopol»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Because of accidents on the section of the railway «Simferopol — Sevastopol» the movement of trains and electric trains was suspended.

According to the Ministry of Transport of Crimea, for the transportation of passengers of suburban trains delayed on May 18, bus traffic is organized according to the following schedule:

from Simferopol (from the railway station): 10-30, 14-00, 15-30, 12-50;

from Bakhchisaray (station square): 11-45, 13-55, 15-05, 16-45.

The press service of the railway carrier «Grand Service Express» told how they will send passengers of the train «Sevastopol — St. Petersburg» (departure today, at 17:15)

Today train 008C at 17:15 from Sevastopol will depart from Simferopol. Passengers will be transported by buses. We are doing our best to keep the movement on schedule.— reported in the press service of the company — a railway passenger carrier.

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