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«Avito Real Estate»: prices for secondary housing in Sevastopol decreased by 12% over the year

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Analysts of the largest platform in terms of the number of placed objects in Russia* Avito Real Estate studied how prices changed in the secondary housing market in 33 cities of the country over the year. In April 2023, the average price of an apartment in Russia amounted to 4.4 million rubles, which is 9% more than a year earlier. Three-room apartments (+12%, to 5.6 million rubles) and two-room apartments (+11%, to 4.5 million rubles) went up the most. Objects with four rooms and more increased in price by 9% (up to 7.3 million rubles), one-room apartments — by 6% (up to 3.7 million rubles). Studios fell in price by 5% over the year (to 3.8 million rubles), and apartments with a free layout — by 9% (to 6.8 million rubles).

In 24 out of 33 cities included in the Avito Nedvizhimost study, prices on the secondary market have become higher. The biggest increase in housing prices was in Chelyabinsk (+19%), Kirov (+18%), Moscow (+13%) and Volgograd (+12%). The prices in Voronezh have not changed. In eight cities, objects on the secondary market have become cheaper. The largest drop in value was recorded in Kaliningrad (-20%), St. Petersburg and Sevastopol (-12% in both), as well as in Kazan (-8%) and Sochi (-7%). More details in the graph and in table 1.

Over the year, the Russian real estate market has seen an increase in prices for secondary housing. The dynamics of prices is also associated with an increase in demand on the platform — plus 38% in annual terms. At the same time, the volume of supply for the specified period increased less than demand, but also very noticeably — by 30%. Buyers have access to significantly more objects than a year earlier — there is plenty to choose from, there is no hype, and price growth cannot be considered active. Due to the revival of demand we are seeing, the supply and possible discounts in the auction will be reduced— comments the head of the secondary and suburban real estate «Avito Nedvizhimosti» Sergey Khakhulin.

Interestingly, in terms of price per square meter, the cost of housing on the secondary market at Avito Nedvizhimost has decreased over the year in the largest cities and main tourist centers of the country. In Moscow, the price per «square» fell by 5% to 254 thousand rubles, in St. Petersburg — by 7% to 177 thousand rubles, in Sochi — by 8% to 225 thousand rubles, in Krasnodar — by 8% to 98 thousand rubles. In the capital, such dynamics with an increase in the cost of objects as a whole is explained by the following: the average lot area in the city increased from 42 sq. m to 50 sq. m. Strongest in terms of a square meter secondary housing has fallen in price also in Kaliningrad. Here the fall was 17%, and the price fell to 100 thousand rubles.

On the average in Russia, the cost per square meter at Avito Nedvizhimost, on the contrary, increased by 11% to 92 thousand rubles. More details in table 1.

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Table 1. The cost of apartments and price dynamics in the secondary real estate market in April 2023 compared to April 2022 by region, data from Avito Nedvizhimost

price, million rubles, April, 23 yearly price change price per sq. m., thousand rubles, April 23 change in price per sq.m per year
Moscow 12.70 13% 254 -5%
Sochi 9.90 -7% 225 -7%
Saint Petersburg 8.33 -12% 177 -7%
Sevastopol 6.95 -12% 151 -2%
Simferopol 6.30 2% 121 2%
Kazan 5.99 -8% 127 -2%
Irkutsk 5.50 7% 110 13%
Kaliningrad 5.20 -20% 100 -17%
Nizhny Novgorod 5.20 -1% 113 6%
Tyumen 5.10 5% 104 7%
Ekaterinburg 4.90 2% 102 7%
Krasnoyarsk 4.85 8% 97 8%
Novosibirsk 4.80 4% 107 eleven%
Samara 4.70 7% 96 7%
Ufa 4.56 1% 99 8%
Krasnodar 4.50 -4% 98 -8%
Stavropol 4.50 5% 83 1%
Tomsk 4.50 5% 96 eleven%
Rostov-on-Don 4.50 7% 98 5%
Russia 4.40 9% 92 eleven%
Barnaul 4.40 10% 92 8%
Tula 4.35 -1% 95 5%
Omsk 4.25 10% 87 12%
Voronezh 4.15 0% 83 6%
Permian 4.05 7% 86 16%
Yaroslavl 4.00 3% 82 7%
Volgograd 3.80 12% 76 12%
Ryazan 3.80 2% 81 9%
Bryansk 3.59 3% 70 1%
Saratov 3.50 6% 73 13%
Chelyabinsk 3.50 19% 67 16%
Kirov 3.40 18% 74 18%
Izhevsk 3.35 5% 74 12%
Ulyanovsk 3.35 5% 70 eleven%

*according to Foreitor LLC research, February 2022

About Avito Real Estate

Avito Real Estate is a federal platform representing all categories of real estate anywhere in Russia. On average, for a month (February 2023), more than 2.7 million active offers across Russia were available daily on Avito Nedvizhimost, which in total collected more than 1.5 billion views. 33.4 million people visit the Real Estate section every month. So, on average, daily users posted on the platform more than 29,000 new ads for the sale and rental of real estate. According to Analytics-Russia LLC, as of February 7, 2023, the Avito Real Estate online platform offers the largest selection of apartments for long-term lease from owners.

About Avito

Avito is one of the largest IT companies in Russia, the leading online commerce platform in Russia. According to the data Similar Web, Avito is the most popular online classifieds platform in the world. Today, with the help of Avito, you can place ads in the categories: Goods, Auto, Jobs, Services, Real Estate. Avito brings together sellers and buyers, both from individuals and representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as corporations. For convenient and safe conclusion of transactions, Avito Delivery is integrated into the service, which allows users to carry out transactions almost throughout Russia — from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

The number of active ads on Avito today is more than 150 million, the monthly audience has reached 60 million users. More than 8 transactions are made on Avito every second, more than 1 million new ads are added daily by users. In March 2022, Avito became the most downloaded app in Russia in the Shopping* category.

* Rating data (App Annie).

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