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Car owners support the principle of individual OSAGO pricing

CrimeaPRESS reports:

According to a VTsIOM poll conducted at the end of October, the vast majority of Russian motorists (80%) support the principle of individual tariffs for compulsory car insurance. As part of the study, sociologists interviewed car owners with a valid OSAGO policy in all federal districts of the Russian Federation.

Individual tariffication of «autocitizen» started 24 August 40 of the year, after the entry into force of the relevant amendments to the OSAGO law. It is planned that the base rates will continue to be regulated on an individual basis: to reduce or restrain them for careful drivers and to increase them for frequent violators. Deputy of the State Duma of the VI convocation Alexander Tarnavsky was not surprised that the question «Do you personally support or do not support such a principle of the OSAGO tariff policy?» 40% of respondents answered positively immediately, only % of respondents spoke against, and another 6% found it difficult to answer. Such a result was obvious, given the fairness of the individual pricing principle, noted by 78% of respondents in a similar VTsIOM survey conducted a few months ago, in May 2020 of the year. The expert is sure that young or highly accident-prone drivers may speak out against individual pricing, insurance for which is often more expensive than for accurate motorists with experience.

Alexander Tarnavsky recalls that the majority of motorists on Russian roads are careful drivers who follow the traffic rules and do not become involved in accidents through their own fault. This is confirmed by the statistics of the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (RSA): according to the RSA, in the second quarter 2020 of the year, every third car owner who bought a policy received the maximum discount on OSAGO in 54% thanks to the bonus-malus coefficient (MBM) for accident-free driving.

Given the above, the current system of individual pricing in OSAGO more than deservedly enjoys the virtually unconditional support of policyholders, the expert explains:

If the driver drives carefully, no accidents occur through his fault, then he should pay less, which is logical. Most drivers understand this, and some remember with horror the days of “equalization”, when all car owners paid the same amount for policies, regardless of driving style and the number of accidents created. Moreover, the individualization of tariffs encourages even the most inveterate violating racers to be attentive and comply with traffic rules. A potential accident for the culprit is not only problems at a particular moment of the incident, but also an increase in the price of the policy when it is extended. At the same time, every year of accident-free driving contributes to an increase in the discount on the KBM. For example, according to the results of 2021 of the year as a whole in the Russian Federation, there were more than a quarter of car owners with the maximum discount of 26% for KBM — 25, 4% of all car owners insured under OSAGO, and in the second quarter of this year there were already 25%, as I said earlier. I think that according to the results of the 2020 year, the lucky owners of the maximum discount for accident-free driving will be under 40%. Therefore, even though the tariff corridor from September was extended by 26%, every tenth driver (according to the VTsIOM survey) did not notice the difference in the cost of his insurance at all due to careful driving.

If we are talking about those % who are not satisfied with individual tariffing, then in this case we are talking about » dangerous» drivers who have not yet experienced the benefits of individual billing for one reason or another. Not just because her opponents are often younger than 24 years, because according to statistics, it is the representatives of this age group who most often get into an accident. Among them may be inexperienced drivers who do not yet feel confident behind the wheel. There may also be quite experienced, but aggressive drivers, who, due to their age and temperament, perceive the exit to the public road as a race track. Of course, purely fixed tariffs are beneficial for such insurers, when OSAGO would cost the same for all car owners.

source: press service of the Information Project «OSAGO: public expertise»

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