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Career guidance online city appeared in Russia, where dreams become professions

CrimeaPRESS reports:

You can plan a trip, grow crops, build a new school, and even borrow money from the bank for the development of districts in online city Profigrad. A new point on the virtual map of the country was created specifically for schoolchildren by the federal project «Ticket to the Future». Profigrad is the first online career guidance city in Russia where dreams become professions. In 10 days since its opening, it has received more than 16,000 participants.

The first career guidance online Profigrad has nine districts that reflect key economic areas: from industrial to agricultural. The city is actively developing, and soon there will be new quarters for future residents. Now all efforts are directed to the creation of social infrastructure: schools, a factory, a profibank, a hospital and a police station have been built. Every week in Profigrad there are new tasks for residents in the formats of games, tests, surveys and virtual professional trials. A teenager who wants to become a participant in the project can be in the place of specialists in various fields and contribute to the transformation of Profigrad into an advanced city in Russia. The mission of the city is to help every teenager find their way in life using the proven scientific, social, digital methods and tools of the Ticket to the Future project.

It is safe to say that Profigrad claims to be the first project of its kind aimed at promoting career guidance among young people using clear and bright game mechanics. We are creating an online capital of professions. We will choose a game currency, come up with career guidance “cheats”, find an intelligent city manager, invite famous people to become profi-graders, and together with hundreds of thousands of participants in the Ticket to the Future project, we will discover the possibilities of the Education national project— the press service of the project reported.

There is a place for everyone in the digital city. Already today you can try your hand at the role of a tourism manager to help a young family plan a trip, or visit the place of an agronomist and grow a crop. With the help of quests, various activities, and exciting digital content, city schoolchildren learn about interesting directions, professions and their place in the system of an ideal city every week. More than 400 professions will soon be available for research.

We are sure that many successful adults in their teens experienced stress from the question of what they want to become in the future. And the very word “career guidance” frightens many with its scientific sound. We suggest that before choosing a business of life, “play it”. This will help overcome anxiety and make an important decision rationally.— the press service of the project clarifies.

In order not to miss anything and take part in all city activities, the city magazine is available to schoolchildren. It displays weekly activities and upcoming events. For example, last week its motto was chosen, and with the help of voting, it was found out that most of all teenagers want to live and work in the Creative District. Now Profigrad is actively preparing to celebrate May 9th.

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For reference:

«Ticket to the Future» is an all-Russian state project on vocational guidance for schoolchildren, which helps teenagers solve the difficult task of choosing a career. It brings together tens of thousands of mentors, psychologists and experts who are ready to help everyone choose their specialty. Parents and teachers of the student are also involved in the career guidance project for schoolchildren. In total, more than 1 million and 300 thousand schoolchildren have become participants in the project at the moment.

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