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Charitable Foundation «Faith and Hope» will support the activities of the Pathfinders of the Suvorovites of Crimea to organize a family expedition in the Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Faith and Hope Charitable Foundation will support the activities of the Pathfinders of the Suvorovites of Crimea to organize a family expedition in Crimea in June-July 2023.

With the support of the Charitable Foundation «Faith and Hope», the independent scout association «Pathfinders of the Suvorovites of Crimea» within the framework of the «Roads of Good» project, implemented with the assistance of a grant from the Presidential Grants Fund, is starting to organize a summer expedition for families with children at risk along the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov. According to the plan, at least 200 children will have a rest for 20 days on the expedition and bivouacs organized by the scouts with the support of the parents of the wards. The program of the stay includes quests, local history walks, fun holidays and gatherings around the fire— noted in the BF.

Anyone can visit the expedition from June 20 to July 10, 2023, subject to availability. Priority is given to families at risk, which include families of mobilized, military personnel, low-income large families and single-parent families. In addition to fulfilling its social mission with this event, the Faith and Hope Foundation continues the cycle of introducing the Good Circle adaptive scouting methodology. The method of adaptive scouting «Good Circle» and the children’s program of the CF «Faith and Hope» of the same name are aimed at creating an environment conducive to the successful socialization of adolescents from risk groups. Representatives of the charitable foundation «Faith and Hope» consider each application individually in order to fairly determine the possibility of participation.

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