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Charitable Foundation «Gulfstream»: little chess player Umar needs help

Charitable Foundation «Gulfstream»: little chess player Umar needs help

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Five-year-old Umar suffered an infection at the age of one and a half years, which led to serious developmental complications. He was diagnosed with SPD — delayed psycho-speech development. After undergoing a full diagnosis, neurologists and psychiatrists prescribed Uma long-term drug treatment and rehabilitation sessions, which require huge financial investments. Unfortunately, these expenses are not covered by the compulsory medical insurance policy, and Umar’s parents have already invested all their savings in their son’s treatment.

We have already told the story of Umar. Thanks to your help, the baby underwent two months of rehabilitation at the children’s inclusive center «It’s fun to walk together.» During this time, his successes pleased not only his parents, but also the specialists who work with him. It turned out that the boy’s uncontrollable hyperactivity can be easily switched off by offering him his favorite game — chess. Chess may seem like a difficult game for a five-year-old child, especially for a child with delayed psycho-speech development, but Umar found his way,” noted the Gulfstream Charitable Foundation.

In the world of chess, he is immersed in his own universe, filled with strategic thinking, tactical decisions and the magical pieces of kings, queens and knights. In some incomprehensible way, he perceives and understands this ancient game, despite the diagnosis.

Umar is a very promising boy, he has a good fundamental base. Therefore, the center’s specialists are confident that a positive result from the classes will not take long to arrive. After all, in life, as in chess, not only mental abilities are important, but also the ability to overcome difficulties, self-confidence and patience. And judging by the abilities that he discovered thanks to chess, he has all this.

Umar follows his own path to adulthood, which differs from the path of his peers. But this does not make his path any less valuable. Support Umar, help him continue his rehabilitation. Who knows, maybe you are helping a future famous grandmaster. And your financial assistance and attention will become the first brick in the foundation of his future achievements. Each of us has loved ones, friends who love us and share our interests. Share with them the story of our Umar, and together give him at least one monthly lesson at the children’s inclusive center “It’s fun to walk together.” By uniting, we can overcome any obstacles, performing universal miracles. Thank you very much for your support! — Your Gulfstream Foundation.

source: Charitable Foundation «Gulfstream»

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