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Companies in Crimea practicing referral programs in recruiting have become more in a year

CrimeaPRESS reports:

4 out of 18 companies use recruiting referral programs today. Representatives of companies from the Crimea took part in the survey of the SuperJob service for finding highly paid jobs.

Referral programs, when candidates for vacancies are attracted through the recommendations of existing employees of the company, and the latter receive remuneration if the candidate enters the job and / or passes the probationary period, are practiced today in 40% of companies: 22% of employers thus stimulate selection for all open vacancies, % — for some. During the year, the number of companies practicing referral programs in recruiting increased by 1.5 times. Most often, skilled workers and laborers in industry and construction are recruited in this way. Given the changes in the labor market after the start of the SVO, employers are trying to use any working practice in this segment , the press service of the service notes.

Recruiting referral programs are often used in the selection of line office staff, especially sales managers. Employers less and less pay attention to the gender and social status of candidates, the main thing is the level of their qualifications. This trend started in covid thanks to telecommuting and continues to evolve.

Referral programs are also popular for attracting highly qualified and narrow specialists. In addition, there are more and more cases when companies invite employees who have left them to work.

The reward system also applies to mass selection, for example, for vacancies in retail and warehouses. Recruitment based on referrals has also become significantly more frequent.

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Time: 3-26 December 2022 of the year

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