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Crimea is increasing the production of dairy products

CrimeaPRESS reports:

According to Krymstat, in total, about 140,000 tons of raw milk were processed by enterprises of the republic in 2022, which is 16% more than last year. Yug MILKO LLC produced 2.3 times more milk powder and 2 times more butter last year than in 2021. This was announced by the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Crimea Andrei Savchuk during a working visit to an enterprise that operates in the Razdolnensky district.

According to Krymstat, last year our enterprises processed about 140 thousand tons of raw milk, which is 16% more than last year, the production of processed liquid milk was also increased by almost 9%, cottage cheese by 1.8%, more than 22 % ice cream. 24 enterprises are engaged in the production of dairy products in our region. 10 of them belong to the category of medium and small businesses and produce 90% of the dairy products that are produced in the Republic of Crimea. The rest are micro-enterprises. One of the main enterprises in this industry is the YUG-MOLOKO LLC milk processing plant in the Razdolnensky district. Every day, up to 18 tons of finished products, beloved by Crimeans, are produced here: milk, kefir, fermented baked milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, butter, yoghurts, cheeses and much, much more. Every day, the plant receives up to 50 tons of raw milk from which about 130 different items are prepared. The plant’s products are produced under three trademarks: Pervomayskoye Moloko, MOLKOMBINAT RAZDOLNOE — CRIMEA and Valley of Legends— quotes the press service of Andrey Savchuk.

The head of the enterprise showed the head of the Ministry of Agriculture the production process, the capacity of the plant, workshops and equipment. Recall that thanks to the implementation of an investment project to create a modern production enterprise, 5 years ago, production for the processing of raw marketable milk was launched here. A new line for packaging in cardboard packaging with a lid, equipment for the production of processed cheeses and curd desserts have now been put into operation.

Last year, we completed the construction of a warehouse for finished products, where you can store up to 1,500 pallet meters. There is a cheese factory that can process up to 3 tons of raw milk. In the process of manufacturing products at the plant, only the latest equipment in the field of dairy processing is used. In the preparation of fermented milk products, only natural ingredients are used that meet all state standards and the leading international standards. Well, and, most importantly, real professionals work here. The knowledge and skills of these employees allow us to create products whose quality is regularly awarded with gold medals and diplomas at major international and all-Russian exhibitions. In 2022, the enterprise received a subsidy from the state for the increase in raw milk sent for processing, and also in 2018 for the purchase of equipmentsays the minister.

The largest enterprises that operate in the milk processing industry of the Republic of Crimea are Novator LLC, DK Megatrade-South LLC, YUG-MOLOKO LLC, Krymsky Molochnik LLC and Chernomorsky Foodstuff Plant LLC.

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Reference: According to Krymstat, for January-February 2023, production in the republic increased: processed liquid milk by 32.7% (3767 tons produced), butter by 18.8% (551.5 tons produced), cheese by 76.5 % (produced 423.8 tons), cottage cheese by 11.8% (produced 813.5 tons), fermented milk products by 33.8% (produced 3451.1 tons).

source: press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Crimea

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