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Crimea is ready to share experience with fraternal new regions

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov took part in a meeting on measures to ensure the integration of the economies of Zaporozhye and Kherson regions into the economy of the Russian Federation. Measures to support business and stimulate production in the field of agriculture, topical problems of the activities of Crimean enterprises were discussed.

According to Aksyonov, today the integration of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, all new regions of the country into the Russian economic space is one of the key issues on the agenda.

Crimea once went through this difficult path by trial and error. However, the situation in which the new regions find themselves is more complex than it was in our case, and it requires more resilience from leaders. No less is required from citizens living in the territory of the new subjects. For their courage and loyalty to their position, I would like to say words of respect and gratitude to them.— said the Head of the Republic of Crimea.

Sergei Aksyonov stressed that peaceful life in new regions should not be left aside.

Sociological surveys show that people are interested in issues common to all regions of Russia. These are jobs, incomes, prices for food and medicines, issues of the sphere of housing and communal services. The Republic of Crimea and its citizens, entrepreneurs and social activists always come to the aid of their brothers and colleagues— explained the Head of the Republic.

Sergey Aksyonov added that many issues that arise during the integration process require manual solutions.

Transitioning to new legislation can be complex and problematic, and unfortunately not everything can be answered directly in federal law. That is why it is so important that the members of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation provide maximum assistance so that the leaders of the new regions can make their proposals for adjustments at the federal level. All disputes must be resolved in favor of the people— said the Head of the Crimea.

Sergey Aksyonov thanked everyone involved in the integration of new regions into the Russian space, and also expressed his gratitude to the Acting Governor of the Zaporozhye Region Yevgeny Balitsky, the Acting Governor of the Kherson Region Vladimir Saldo, Senator of the Russian Federation Dmitry Vorona for operational cooperation. The head of Crimea also assured that he was always ready to provide personal assistance in resolving emerging issues.

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In turn, Evgeny Balitsky noted that today entrepreneurs of the Zaporozhye region ask many questions that the regional leadership cannot solve on its own.

There are a number of problems that will be brought to the level of the federal government. These issues concern the creation of an industrialists’ union, and lending, and the tax system, and much more. With the support of Sergei Valerievich Aksyonov and Dmitry Nikolaevich Vorona, we will succeed— said the Acting Governor of the Zaporozhye region.

Crimea is ready to share experience with fraternal new regions

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