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Crimean budget expenditures exceeded the figure for 2021 by more than 2.5 billion rubles

CrimeaPRESS reports:

According to the results of January-April, the expenditures of the Crimean budget exceeded the indicator 2021 of the year by more than 2.5 billion rubles. This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers — Minister of Finance of the Republic of Crimea Irina Kiviko.

For 4 months of the current year, the expenditures of the consolidated budget of Crimea increased by more than 2.5 billion rubles compared to the same period last year and amounted to 31,9 billion rubles, or almost 16% of annual appointments, — noted Irina Kiviko.

The vice-premier clarified that with the income of the Crimean budget in the amount exceeding 50,9 billion rubles, the budget surplus amounted to more than 5 billion rubles.

The chief financier of Crimea said that the revenue part of the consolidated budget in the form of own (tax and non-tax) revenues amounted to more than 25,6 billion rubles, or a third of the annual appointments, exceeding the appointments for January-April by , 6%. Including the republican budget replenished by 19, 1 billion rubles, or 110, 8% of appointments for the period, the budgets of municipalities — by more than 6.5 billion rubles, or 118,2 % respectively.

Compared with the indicator 2021 of the year, the Crimean budget’s own revenues increased by 2.6 billion rubles, or by ,2%. Of these, 177, 7 million rubles. revenues from personal income tax increased, amounting to more than 8.5 billion rubles. (a third of the total volume of own income, appointments for the period were made on 98, 4%, annual appointments were made on 26,3%). Almost a third, or 953 million rubles. revenues from corporate income tax increased, amounting to more than 3.9 billion rubles. (,3%, 131,1%, 50,3% respectively). By ,4%, or by 386, 8 million rubles due to excise taxes on petroleum products, revenues from excise taxes increased, amounting to more than 3.5 billion rubles. (,7%, on 108,2%, 25,8%).

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Regarding the expenditure side of the consolidated budget, Irina Kiviko clarified that cash assignments for January-April according to the republican budget were executed by 89,3% (49, 5 billion rubles), according to the budgets of municipalities — 50% (15,5 billion rubles).

Most of the expenses, and this is 25, 8 billion rubles, or 60, 4% of the total amount of execution, is aimed at financing sectors of the socio-cultural sphere (an increase compared to last year amounted to 4.8 billion rubles, or by 24, 6%). Including allocated for education 12, 5 billion rubles, or 24,5% of annual appointments, with an increase to the indicator 2021 of the year by 1, 3 billion rubles, or , 8% and social policy — , 6 billion rubles, or 33, 7% of annual appointments. Also, a significant part of the costs — more than 12, 3 billion rubles. (16,1% of the total amount of execution) was directed to the national economy (development of industries) and housing and communal economy — more than 6.3 billion rubles. (,3% of total expenses).

Interbudgetary transfers to local budgets from the budget of the Republic of Crimea for the reporting period amounted to more than billion . rub., or 25, 4% of appointments for the period, with an increase to the indicator 2021 of the year by 1.6 billion rubles, or by 12, 4%.

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