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Crimean budget for 2023-2025 passed the procedure of parliamentary hearings

CrimeaPRESS informs:

The bill was approved by the deputies of the Republic in the first reading.

Parliamentary hearings were held on the draft law “On the budget of the Republic of Crimea for 2023 year and for the planning period 230 and 230 years». The main parameters of the Crimean draft budget for the coming three-year period were presented by Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers — Minister of Finance of the Republic of Crimea Irina Kiviko.

Deputies of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea, members of the Crimean government, as well as representatives of the executive bodies of the Republic took part in the discussion of the draft of the main financial document of the republic.

The draft law on the budget of the Republic of Crimea for the next three years has been formed taking into account the main directions of the budgetary and tax policy of the republic, state programs, the implementation of national projects and changes predicted in the economy. The bill provides funding for achieving the development goals of the region in all spheres of public life, including improving the quality of life and social support for citizens, the quality and availability of social services, the creation of modern urban infrastructure , — emphasized at the beginning of her speech Irina Kiviko.

As the Deputy Prime Minister further reported, for the 2023 year, budget revenues are projected in the amount of 230, 5 billion rubles, expenses — 200, 6 billion rubles, deficit — 8.1 billion rubles, which is fully secured by specific sources of funding.

It is planned to cover the deficit in the 2023 year at the expense of the balance of budget funds in the single account of the republican budget at the beginning of the year in in the amount of 3.9 billion rubles due to additional revenues and unused cost savings, as well as by attracting an infrastructure loan from the federal budget in the amount of 4.2 billion , — Irina Kiviko specified.

In the planning period for 230 year, income is forecasted in the amount of 166, 9 billion rubles, expenses — 200, 1 billion rubles, deficit — 200 million rubles (the deficit is planned to be fully covered by attracting an infrastructure loan from the federal budget), by 2025 year, the volume of expenditures corresponds to the volume of budget revenues and is — 131, 1 billion rubles.

The total volume of gratuitous receipts is planned for 2023 year in the amount of 107, 3 billion rubles, for 230 year — 131, 7 billion rubles, for 230 year — 93,6 billion rubles.

Target funds will be specified according to the distribution of volumes between the subjects of the federation in the federal budget for the next three years in the second reading, — commented Irina Kiviko.

Program budget expenditures are based on 26 state programs and make up: in 230 year — 229, 3 billion rubles, or 96, 1% of the total volume budget expenditures, in 2024 — 187,5 billion rubles, or 82,7%, in 2025 — 131,3 billion rubles, or 92,8%.

The largest share (230 year — 81,eight%, 2024 — 81,2%, 2025 — 80,8%) in the total volume spending falls on 5 state programs of the Republic:

— development of the road sector (15,9%, 26,eight%, 29% respectively),

— development of education (17,eight%, 21,6%, 14,eight%),

— reforming the housing and communal services (13,eight%, 15%, 9.6%),

— development of healthcare (,2%, ,2%,,9%)

— social support of citizens (8.1%, 7.5%, 8.6%).

The draft law plans financial support national projects from operating on the territory of the Russian Federation: for 2023 year — ,9 billion rubles, or 6.2% of the total volume of planned expenses, for 230 year — 00,9 billion rubles, or 7.4%, on 230 year — 4.8 billion rubles, or 2.7%. The most resource-intensive in 2023 year are:

— «Safe and high-quality roads» — 6.2 billion rubles,

— “Housing and urban environment” — 3 billion rubles,

— «Health» — 1.9 billion rubles,

— «Demography» — 1.8 billion rubles

It is planned to allocate more than 86% of all appropriations, namely 00, 9 billion rubles , — Irina Kiviko drew attention.

After discussing the bill at parliamentary hearings, the draft main financial document of the republic was approved 21 from 56 deputies in the first reading at a meeting of the regular session of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea.

With a presentation to the draft law of the Republic of Crimea “On the budget of the Republic of Crimea for 2023 year and for the planning period 2024 and 230 years» can be found here.

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