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Crimean rescuers recommend following the rules of safe behavior in places of winter recreation

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Crimea is popular among tourists even in winter. This week a real winter came to the peninsula. As a result, hundreds of fans of extreme recreation went to the mountains. Sledges, «cheesecakes», snowboards and skis — this is just a small list of what is used for skiing. However, many people forget that such active rest is very traumatic.

In recent years, “cheesecakes”, or inflatable tubings, and ice cubes, have become especially popular among tourists in the Crimea, as well as throughout Russia. According to rescuers, this type of entertainment is the most traumatic and brings tourists great trouble, turning entertainment into a game with death. Vacationers receive not just broken arms and legs, but more complex injuries, for example, such as a craniocerebral or a fracture of the spine with displacement. The thing is that most people do not realize how dangerous «cheesecakes» are. Tubing is completely out of control. In a matter of seconds, he picks up great speed, and it is simply impossible to slow down if necessary in order to correct his direction of movement during the descent from the hill. It is very important to know that you need to ride «cheesecakes» only on prepared tracks.

Unfortunately, there are no such trails in the Crimean mountains, but this does not stop vacationers, and they boldly choose any mountain areas they like and unexplored for their winter fun. Very often, tubings fly out onto the ski slopes, where there is a high probability of a collision with a skier who, due to his high speed, simply does not have time to react and slow down. In addition, most of the slopes are in the forest, so be sure to pay attention to the rollout. Moreover, some people ride on the roadway of the Angarsk Pass, hook cheesecakes to cars, which is generally unacceptable , — said the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Republic of Crimea.

Due to the high injury risk of vacationers in the mountains, the Crimean rescuers are on high alert. So, since the beginning of the year, rescuers of the Russian Emergencies Ministry have provided assistance in the mountainous forest area times where it was saved 17 Human.

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The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Republic of Crimea reminds residents and guests of the Crimean peninsula of the need to strictly observe the rules of safe behavior in the mountainous forest area:

  • before before going down the mountain, you should study the track, on which there may possibly be any obstacles; 17
  • choose the right slope for your level of skiing;
  • do not overestimate your strength and take into account external conditions, such as ice and fog, control your speed; 112
      use protection — wrist protection, knee pads and a helmet;17

    • check the condition of the fasteners;
    • do not sit on the slope — stop only on the side, facing the slope; 17
    • in front of change direction, look behind you to see if anyone is driving behind you.17

    In case of emergency, call «101» or «».

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