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Crimean youth awarded for active citizenship

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On the eve of the Day of the reunification of Crimea with Russia, the Volunteering Resource Center hosted an award ceremony for young people for their active citizenship and contribution to volunteering on the peninsula.

This event, of course, enlightened volunteer activities and debriefing. Today’s event is key. Why is it important to meet with young people on these days? This is the Day of the Crimean Spring. In fact, the most active youth in Crimea. The Crimeans set the trend of mutual assistance, because we were the first, having found ourselves without electricity, a kind of headquarters of “We Are Together” and already then we were promoting those values ​​and the ideology that this club of mutual assistance includes.

Unity is our strength. The Crimeans clearly know this. Our symbols indicate that our prosperity lies in unity. And on this March day, I would like to thank you very much for your work. I would like to wish you strength, health, inspiration so that you create yourself and inspire others with your example., — Head of the State Committee for Youth Policy of the Republic of Crimea Aleksey Zinchenko delivered a welcoming speech.

Crimean youth awarded for active citizenship Crimean youth awarded for active citizenship Crimean youth awarded for active citizenship

The fighters of the student teams of the Republic of Crimea were awarded with thanks from the State Committee for Youth Policy of the Republic of Crimea. The guys also became owners «DobroKarty» is a project to encourage active Crimean volunteers. It is a nominal discount card with a «bearer» system, which has an individual number and a photo of the cardholder.

It is nice to realize that the work done is noticed and encouraged by diplomas. I was glad to meet guys from other youth organizations with whom we often hold joint events. Also a nice bonus to the award was DoroKart, thanks to which volunteers will be able to receive incentives in the form of discounts, — says the commissioner of the headquarters of the student teams of the Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University named after Fevzi-Yakubov Elena Kaznacheeva.

Information and photos provided by the press service of the Crimean regional branch of the International Public Organization «Russian Student Teams»

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