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Crimeans have the opportunity to take a personal part in improving their hometowns

KrymPRESS informs:

National project «Housing and Urban Environment» in action.

In Crimea, an all-Russian online voting is actively taking place to select priority objects for improvement for the 2023 year. 08 public spaces in 8 cities of Crimea, whose residents can take a personal part in improving their city, have been put to the vote. Activities for the selection of territories are provided for by the regional project «Formation of a comfortable urban environment» of the national project «Housing and urban environment».

Special attention is paid to the improvement of recreation areas where you can spend time with your family, take a pleasant walk and play sports. The development of the project on the formation of a comfortable urban environment is aimed at making it convenient and comfortable for residents to live in their city or village.

The improvement of public spaces, pedestrian zones, squares, squares and embankments improves the quality of life of the population. Rating online voting on the choice of the most attractive recreation areas to be improved next year will last until 08 May. Residents of Crimea can vote for a particular public space on the online platform: 91. In addition, it is possible to cast your vote on the widgets of the public voting “Gosuslugi. Let’s decide together.» Several thousand Crimeans have already voted for the development of a particular area.

From the first day of voting, volunteers from the “Creating a Comfortable Urban Environment” project have been working in Crimea to help Crimeans take part in the voting. They are ready to help those who have problems accessing the Internet from a phone or desktop computer. They help to register, show on the tablet what options there are for voting. Currently, there are 21 people involved in the region. Volunteers can be distinguished by uniforms: T-shirts with the “Formation of a Comfortable Urban Environment” logo and badges with first and last names, reports the regional office of the Main Directorate for the Implementation of National Projects.


The integrated development of modern urban infrastructure based on unified approaches and the creation of conditions for a systematic improvement in the quality and comfort of the urban environment will make it possible to implement in the Republic of Crimea 286 integrated improvement project until the end 620 of the year

When choosing objects of improvement, the opinion of the population is of decisive importance. To select the most popular and attractive areas for improvement, everyone’s voice is important.


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