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Crimeans named factors contributing to career development

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Crimeans, satisfied with their careers, cited education as one of the most important factors helping them to rise through the ranks. Those who are dissatisfied with their career consider the lack of the necessary level of education as one of the biggest obstacles. Employed representatives of the economically active population took part in open surveys of the SuperJob service for finding highly paid jobs. Citizens, satisfied with the development of their career, named 3 main components of success, dissatisfied — 3 main obstacles on the way to career heights.

In the top 3 factors contributing to career development, Crimeans named purposefulness (40%), education (38%) and experience (33%). It is also important to love your profession and take a responsible approach to the performance of official duties (19% each). According to 13% of respondents, natural sociability helps them. 11% of respondents are confident that they are moving towards success due to their decency and diligence. 10% called activity their plus. Another 3% believe that they owe their career growth to their team— noted in the press service of the service.

Citizens, whose careers are not moving according to plan or have stopped altogether, consider their age to be the main obstacle on the way to career heights (26%). In second place is the unfavorable market situation (18%). Lack of the necessary education prevents 16% from being promoted. The same number of respondents see the lack of patronage as the reason for their failures. Also 16% blame the authorities. Another 15% is the lack of vacant management positions in the company. The cornerstone for 13% is lack of experience. Every tenth spoke about the lack of confidence in their abilities. Another 7% believe that they cannot make a career in their locality. 5% each complain about lack of time and lack of motivation.

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Men-careerists often name diligence, intelligence and love of money among the main components of their success. Female careerists more often believe that purposefulness, education, love for the profession and responsibility help them in promotion.

Dissatisfied with the development of a career, men most often blame the market situation, the lack of patronage for their failure, and note a lack of motivation. Women whose careers have not yet taken off most often cited lack of education and experience, age, insecurity, family circumstances and place of residence as the main reasons, and noted the unwillingness of management to promote women of the weaker sex.

Time: February 10 — March 1, 2023

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