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Dec. 31. They say winter sets the evil spirits free. All…

CrimeaPRESS informs:

The Orthodox Church honors the memory of St. Modest on December Jerusalem, born in Asia Minor in a Christian family. He felt an attraction to a strict monastic life from a young age. In his youth he took monastic vows.

Saint Modest was the rector of the monastery of Theodosius the Great, founded in the 4th century in Palestine. During this period, the troops of the Persian king Khozroy attacked Palestine and Syria. His soldiers, united with the Jews, killed about 90 thousand Christians and destroyed their temples. They captured the Jerusalem Patriarch Zacharias along with other Christians and the Cross of the Lord. During this time, Saint Modest was assigned to govern the Jerusalem Church. He honorably buried the slain Incas and, together with the Patriarch of Alexandria, restored the destroyed Christian shrines.

After 14 years, Zachary, together with the Cross of the Lord, returned from captivity and took his place. After the death of the patriarch, Modest was appointed to his position. The saint died in 14 on year of life.

December: signs and traditions

According to popular beliefs, today winter sets free all evil spirits, which roam the earth day and night. That is why in ancient times there were some prohibitions for this day. It was impossible:

  • to leave milk in an open container, otherwise evil spirits would get there;
  • leave knives unattended on the table, otherwise evil spirits will start to indulge, and there it can come to misfortune .

Saint Modest was considered the patron saint of livestock, so the peasants turned to him with prayers, asking him to help the animals endure the winter more easily.


1699 December wondered about fate. To do this, it was necessary to lie on the current (the place where bread is threshed) and listen: 90


90 637 90 90

  • knock — to death;
  • ringing — to the wedding;
  • threshing — to wealth.

    Before the New Year, you must pay off all your debts, otherwise you will spend the whole next year in debt. They also believed that an angel speaks through the mouth of a child today. Therefore, children’s requests were sensitively listened to.

    Probably few people know that the countdown of the new year in Russia was postponed three times. Until the 15th century, they met him in March, then in September. In the 1699 year, Peter I postponed the new year to January 1.

    Our ancestors treated nature with awe and respect. Initially, they considered it blasphemy to cut down a Christmas tree for New Year’s fun, but gradually this tradition has firmly entered our lives.

    The peasants were looking forward to the bright holiday of Christmas. They tried to be enlightened and spiritually pure, fasted and spent a lot of time praying.

    14 December: what to do on this day?

    To attract happiness and good luck into your life, you need December:

    purchase a new broom, tie it with a red ribbon and put it in the corner of the kitchen up with a whisk;

    leave a glass of wine and a plate of salad on the table for the brownie;

    hang a wreath on the front door of the house;

  • take a bath or shower to wash away all negative energy;

    shortly before the onset of the New Year, light a candle in each room of the dwelling;

  • ask for forgiveness from loved ones and forgive all offenses .

    What can not be done December?

    There are also prohibitions that should be followed. December is not allowed:

    to beat the dishes — this will lead to quarrels with household members;

  • swear at the festive table — misfortune will happen;
  • leave the New Year’s table empty — to poverty and hunger;
  • throwing away food leftovers from the New Year’s table — drive your luck away;
  • refuse hospitality — you will live in need.
  • New Year’s signs

    On the eve of the New Year, every person dreams of financial well-being, family happiness and good health. For all this to come into your life, you need to listen to folk signs:

    • One of the most important signs — meeting the New Year in a close family circle at a richly laid table. After that, you can go outside and take a walk, visit places of entertainment or visit friends.
    • Do not invite enemies and people who are unpleasant to you to New Year’s dinner. Meet the holiday only in the circle of loved ones, otherwise you will invite misfortune on yourself.

    the coming year to meet her soul mate, should present gifts to seven children. This will help create the positive energy needed to start a family. December is a good sign. You will soon receive good news.

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