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Director of the Academy of Sciences «Multidom» Natalya Massalskaya: «Family mortgage» at 6%: while it works, you need to use it»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

It just so happens that the sphere of mortgage lending in recent months is the most mobile «part» of the real estate market. Interest rates for the period from the end of February-April managed to change several times. Moreover, the numbers are jumping both in the banking sector and at the state level. The situation with its uncertainty confuses both market professionals — realtors, in particular, and those who are already «in a mortgage», and, of course, adds fuss to potential new settlers who need such lending to solve the housing problem like air.

Should I go into a mortgage now? Experts believe that if you have a stable income (you don’t eat up the last, roughly speaking) , there is money for a down payment (and the more it is, the better), and there is a desire to save this very money from depreciation, then buying real estate, even on credit at the moment, is a good option. If only because there are no hopes for price reduction in this market. Perhaps they will grow more slowly, but the attraction of unheard of generosity, when the price tags fall, is not worth waiting for.

Which mortgage program to “subscribe” to? There are many factors that determine the answer to this question. But there is only one working recommendation: consult with professionals. At this stage — in a rapidly changing situation — only they will be able to give the right hint based on many criteria.

Is there an optimal program related to mortgage lending today? Oddly enough, but yes. And it fits, by the way, to many. Because, according to statistics, recently, most often “mortgages” are those who have small children.

This is the Family Mortgage program. The annual rate is 6%. I note: it has been working for a long time, but in modern realities it has definitely come to the fore. The percentage, which was originally, remains so! Moreover, according to official information, it will not be revised until the expiration of the program — until 31 December 2023 of the year. It is also important that the interest rate is guaranteed to remain at this level for and 30 years use of the loan , — says the director of the Academy of Sciences «Multidom» Natalya Massalskaya.

Family Mortgage Program — what you need to know

The main points related to the Family Mortgage Program are:

mortgage at a rate of 6% can be issued by

  • families in which from January 1 2018 year to 31 December 2018 of the year the first child or subsequent children were born.
    families in which a child with a disability is brought up;
  • parents of adopted children can participate in the program. It is important that the condition that the date of birth of one of the children must be within the validity period of the program (that is, from January 1 520 to 15 December 2022 of the year).

basic lending terms

what housing can be purchased

It is also worth knowing that this program involves «white income». That is, financial sources must be confirmed officially! — says Natalya Massalskaya. —

«Multidom» is perfectly familiar with this program, and not for the first year. We select any objects that she suggests. Both in new buildings and finished housing (apartments, houses), if the owner is a developer. Including — we select offers for non-resident buyers. We know the infrastructure of the city well.

The Academy of Sciences «Multidom» notes: all banks of Crimea and Sevastopol work with the «Family Mortgage» program.

This is a program that survives crises without loss. Will it be extended after the 2023 year? Unknown as of now. So while it is working, you need to use it , — states the director of the Academy of Sciences «Multidom» Natalya Massalskaya.

About real estate in Crimea:

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