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Do not lose self-control and courage even under heavy fire. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation — about the exploits of the heroes of the Northern Military District

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The mission must be completed. Every soldier knows this simple rule, because an order is an order, because our cause is just. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation continues the story about the heroes of the Northern Military District — warriors who, with their daily military labor, bring victory closer. Sometimes they are not easy. Under shelling and in attack, in positional battles and in raids. Overcoming the fierce resistance of the enemy, they win. The main thing is to remember your duty and not to lose endurance, self-control and courage.

During the offensive operations, the artillery battery, in which the driver of the guard, foreman Andrey Motov, acted, came under retaliatory shelling. Andrei hid and disguised the car. After that, he discovered that one of the enemy shells hit the dugout of the platoon stronghold, bringing down part of the ceilings. By car, Andrey Motov quickly advanced to the strong point. Under continued fire with the help of cables, he freed the exit from the destroyed shelter and personally evacuated his comrades, who received minor injuries, to the medical unit. The courage and determination of the guards foreman Andrey Motov helped save the life of the servicemen.

Не терять самообладания и мужества даже под шквальным огнем. Минобороны РФ – о подвигах героев СВО

The gunner of the Marine Corps squad, Private Sirazhudin Muradaliev, acting as part of the unit, performed the task of organizing the safe movement of the column of Marine Corps units. Accompanying the convoy in an armored personnel carrier, Sirazhudin discovered nationalists’ DRG in the forest belt adjacent to the road, about which he immediately reported to the commander. The enemy opened fire on the convoy, knocked out an armored personnel carrier, on which Sirazhudin was moving, with a shot from an RPG. Muradaliev, having received a shell shock, continued to cover the column. Having moved to the flank of the column, he opened fire on the position of the militants, giving the column the opportunity to gain momentum and get out from under enemy fire. Having taken an advantageous position, Sirazhudin destroyed 7 saboteurs with accurate fire, preventing the destruction of Russian military equipment. During the battle, the marine was wounded, however, having provided first aid to himself, he continued to fire at the enemy. The bold and decisive actions of Private Sirazhudin Muradaliev made it possible to frustrate the plans of the nationalists to destroy the column. The column arrived in the assigned area on time.

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Не терять самообладания и мужества даже под шквальным огнем. Минобороны РФ – о подвигах героев СВО

The assault detachment under the command of senior lieutenant Ainur Safiullin carried out a combat mission to liberate the southern part of the settlement. The assault detachment, under the cover of artillery, moved into position to block the enemy. Assessing the situation, Safiullin decided to advance to storm the settlement. During the battle, Ainur received a shrapnel wound, and despite being wounded, he continued to lead the offensive and control the outcome of the battle. The selfless and decisive actions of Safiullin made it possible to complete the task without loss among the personnel and gain a foothold in the village. Reporting to the command about the success, the officer ordered the personnel to take up all-round defense and prepare for the enemy’s counteroffensive. For more than 3 hours, Safiullin’s assault detachment held back the enemy’s counterattack and completed all the assigned tasks, without losses among the personnel. As a result of offensive actions, more than 2 platoons of enemy manpower were destroyed, 8 nationalists were captured, samples of ATGMs of foreign weapons such as Javelin and NLAW were captured.

Не терять самообладания и мужества даже под шквальным огнем. Минобороны РФ – о подвигах героев СВО

During the fighting for one of the settlements, the gunner-operator Ivan Bykov discovered a disguised stronghold of the Ukrainian Nazis. Having approached the minimum distance to the object, Ivan began to correct the firing of the combat vehicle. Timely revealing the location of Bandera and their armored vehicles, he promptly sent tank fire there. Thanks to the professional actions of Ivan Bykov, an American-made armored car, two anti-tank missile systems, a machine-gun crew and up to 20 enemy infantrymen were destroyed.

Не терять самообладания и мужества даже под шквальным огнем. Минобороны РФ – о подвигах героев СВО

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