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Do you have a stamp? The government refused to remove fines for lack of registration from the Code of Administrative Offenses

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Russian government notes Russian newspaper, prepared a negative review of the draft law, which proposes to remove fines for the lack of registration from the Code of Administrative Offenses. Putting a stamp in the passport will still be mandatory, and this is a matter of principle. At least for now.

There are two articles in the Code of Administrative Offenses for those who did not bother to put a stamp in their passport. One punishes a citizen for living in a dwelling without registration: a fine of 2,000 to 3,000 rubles for the citizens themselves and from 2,000 to 5,000 for the owners of apartments where someone lives without a residence permit. At the same time, sanctions are even higher in Moscow and St. Petersburg. For tenants: from 3 thousand to 5 thousand rubles. For owners: from 5 thousand to 7 thousand rubles.

The second article punishes for violation of the rules for registering a citizen of the Russian Federation at the place of stay or at the place of residence in a residential building. Under this article, they can be punished, for example, for violating the deadlines for filing documents. That is, if a person came late to register.

A group of State Duma deputies proposed to cancel both articles.

The authors of the bill justify the proposed initiative by the need to introduce a voluntary and notification procedure for informing about the real place of residence of citizens instead of the institution of permanent or temporary registrationgovernment experts explain.

Of course, legally speaking «propiska» today is wrong. But it doesn’t matter what it’s called, registration is registration. And every citizen, moving to a new place, is obliged to put a stamp in his passport within a reasonable time. Like, I now live here.

The purpose of registration is not only to provide the necessary conditions for a citizen of the Russian Federation to exercise his rights and freedoms, but also to fulfill his obligations to other citizens, the state and society., government experts said. — Thus, we do not refuse stamps yet.

As experts explain, according to the rules, if a citizen lives somewhere temporarily for more than 90 days, he is obliged to obtain a temporary residence permit. If a person has changed his place of residence permanently, for example, he moved to another city, bought an apartment, he must register no later than 7 days from the date of arrival at a new place of residence.

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However, there are exceptions. For example, it is not punishable if a person moves within the same region. Thus, the rules today are much more relaxed than they once were. You can rent an apartment next door, you can move to the suburbs, no one will say a word. And there will be no protocol. In addition, relatives of the owner are not subject to the Code of Administrative Offenses. A wife can live with her husband without a residence permit. Or the mother of the owner of the apartment has the right to move in with him and live at least temporarily, at least permanently, without extra stamps in the passport. But civil spouses, lawyers emphasize, are not relatives. So moving to a beloved woman in another region, living with her without signing, without registering, is a violation. Will be fined.

But still registration is a serious matter, and lawyers recommend following the rules. Temporary registration is needed, for example, so that information from government agencies reaches the citizen in time. Let’s say court notices. Or traffic fines. There is no state duty for permanent and temporary registration. The permanent will be stamped in the passport. When a temporary certificate is issued.

source: Russian newspaper

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