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Draft rules for land use and development were presented in Sevastopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Rules for land use and development is a document that establishes the boundaries of territorial zones and urban planning regulations. According to the draft that was presented, it is proposed to establish types of territorial zones in Sevastopol.

Among them are public and business (6), residential (9), social and specialized public zones (6), recreational (7), industrial, engineering and transport infrastructure zones (6), agricultural use zones (3), special purpose zones (3).

The urban planning regulations established in the Land Use Regulations determine the legal regime of land plots, as well as everything that is above and below the surface of land plots and is used in the process of their development and subsequent operation of capital construction facilities , — the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the director of the department of architecture and urban planning Maxim Zhukalov.

Thus, in the urban planning regulations in relation to land plots and capital construction facilities, the following are indicated:

types of permitted use;

restrictions on use;

  • limit sizes of land plots and limit parameters permitted construction, reconstruction of capital construction objects — their area, minimum indents from the boundaries of land plots, the maximum number of floors, the maximum percentage of development;
  • estimated indicators of the minimum provision with communal, transport and social infrastructure, as well as calculated indicators of the maximum allowable level of territorial accessibility of these facilities for residents in the event that integrated development of the territory is envisaged within the boundaries of the territorial zone.

    In addition, the draft document establishes: the minimum percentage of development within the boundaries of the land plot, the minimum percentage of landscaping, the maximum percentage of development of the underground part of the land plot, the permissible excess of the maximum height of capital construction objects for buildings with a traditional pitched roof. It also regulates the maximum height of the fence of land plots on the borders with common areas, the minimum number of parking spaces for storing individual vehicles and the maximum building density coefficient of a land plot.

    In Sevastopol, the developer proposes to establish the maximum size of land plots and the maximum parameters of permitted construction in relation not to the territorial zone as a whole, but to the types of permitted use of land plots within the boundaries of the territorial zone. That is, in accordance with the city code, limiting parameters are set for territorial zones, at the same time, various types of permitted use of land plots are distinguished as part of the territorial zones, so we differentiated the maximum and minimum percentage of development in relation to the type of permitted use. That is, for example, for individual housing construction projects, it is proposed to set the maximum percentage of construction %, and for stores it can be 20%, — notes the director of the relevant department.

    The draft rules for land use and development were approved by a special commission chaired by vice-governor Nikolai Gordyushin. Three meetings were held, in which representatives of the executive authorities and deputies of the Legislative Assembly took part. The document was approved and sent to the developer for correction of comments, the deadline is two weeks.

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    After the comments are eliminated, a decision will be made to hold public hearings. Estimated date is 23 May. The term for holding public hearings on draft rules for land use and development from the moment the residents are notified until the day the conclusion on the results is published cannot exceed one month.

    Within a week from the moment the project is posted on the official website, an exposition will be held in each municipality with the placement of demonstration materials. We will advise, explain, answer questions from Sevastopol residents. The term for holding meetings of participants in public hearings in each municipality is two weeks. We summarize all the comments, the commission will work them out. There will be one month for revision, after which the PPP will be agreed and approved , — says Maxim Zhukalov.

    Approximate term for approval of land use and development rules is July-August 2022 of the year.

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