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Educational program: it will be possible to obtain data on the owners of real estate only through a notary

CrimeaPRESS reports:

New rules come into force: get data on property owners, note Russian newspaper, it will be possible only through a notary and only if there are good reasons. For example, if you are going to buy this apartment. But your interest will need to be documented. An important clarification: not the entire Unified State Register of Real Estate is closed, only the names of the owners are classified. Those who wish will still be able to freely receive certain information about the property, for example, cadastral information. That is, to find out the footage. If you need personal data of the owner, then you will have to explain why you are asking.

Experts emphasize that the adopted law is aimed, among other things, at protecting USRN information and preventing uncontrolled access to it. No outsider can just — for the sake of interest — make inquiries about who owns this or that apartment.

Often, such data was requested by scammers in order to crank up some of their schemes.

In housing fraud, false passports, documents of ownership, powers of attorney often pop up. The number of such crimes is on the rise.experts say.

On the other hand, it is sometimes vital for the most ordinary person to find out the owner’s last name. For honest purposes.

How do you know that the seller, beautifully describing the merits of the apartments, really owns them, and is not trying to take the money and disappear? Notaries will come to the aid of the buyer.

Now, in order to find out the full name and date of birth of the property owners, you need to contact a notary. This can be done both in a notary’s office and remotely, through a personal account on the FNP website: with an enhanced qualified electronic signature— noted in the Federal Notarial Chamber.

The fee for a new notarial act is small. If the appeal was online, then the total rate will be 300 rubles. If a person came to the notary’s office, then no more than 450 rubles. The answer should come quickly, if, of course, the person can confirm his right to ask questions.

The legislator entrusted the notary with an important task and great responsibility — to evaluate the evidence presented in accordance with all norms of the law and decide on the advisability of providing information to the applicant, — say in the FNP. — The deadlines for this are quite expeditious. The application must be considered on the day of application. The notary sends a request to Rosreestr using digital communication channels according to the already existing practice. In the usual mode, the notary receives an electronic extract from Rosreestr immediately on the same day.

One of the grounds for obtaining information through a notary is just real estate transactions. When someone has firmly decided to buy an apartment, they will not refuse him. In such a case, a preliminary contract may serve as confirmation that the person has a legitimate interest. At the same time, if the buyer and the seller apply to a notary for an extract with a joint statement, then a preliminary agreement is not needed. In other words, you can bring a contract to the notary’s office, or you can come along with the landlord.

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Information about the full name and date of birth of the owner of the property with the help of a notary can also be obtained by people who need it to protect their rights, continue at the notary. We can talk about the recovery of damages in case of fire or flooding of the apartment by neighbors.

Life story: someone installed the plumbing incorrectly and as a result flooded the living below. In big cities, people often do not know their neighbors by name, and sometimes by sight. How do you know who to sue if the perpetrator of the disaster does not make contact and does not seek to make amends? Now it will be possible to bring supporting documents to the notary (including acts from the management company), and he will issue an extract from the USRN.

Renting an apartment or house is not included in the list of legal grounds for requesting data through a notary. But a conscientious landlord who rents out housing can open data about himself in the USRN or independently obtain an extract and provide it to a potential tenant. If he does not, there will be reason for doubt.

source: Russian newspaper

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