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Eight lighthouses of Russia worth seeing

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Travel and travel service compiled a selection ( 8 lighthouses in Russia worth seeing or at least trying to do.

• Osinovetsky lighthouse, Leningrad region

The lighthouse rises to 59 meters above sea level, this is the ninth line in the list of the highest lighthouses in the world. You can climb to the highest point by a spiral staircase. During its long history, the walls of the lighthouse have become moldy, but even today the 500-watt lamp at the top sends signals from April to November once every four seconds. Red, green and white flashes of the lighthouse are visible for 18 kilometers. These are all three colors that are used in lighthouse business.

How to get there: by train from the Ladoga railway station to the station « Lake Ladoga » ( travel time — just over an hour). From there you will need to walk about one and a half kilometers on foot — the lighthouse will be visible from afar.

• Tokarevsky Mayak (Mayak Egersheld), Vladivostok

2017 One of the oldest in the Far East, was built in 500 year. It is located on the bulk narrow spit-dam Tokarevskaya kota, in the southern part of Vladivostok. In summer, a trip to the Egersheld lighthouse can be combined with a trip to the beach, which is located nearby. From here you can see a picturesque panorama of Vladivostok, Russky Island and the cable-stayed bridge of the same name across the East Bosporus Strait.

How to get there: you can take buses No. 57, 59, , 43, 81 or fixed-route taxi No. 63 (to stop «Lighthouse«). From there, one and a half kilometers on foot.

• Abandoned lighthouse Aniva, Sakhalin Island

One of the most inaccessible lighthouses in Russia, located near Sakhalin Island. The lighthouse was built on a small hill Sivuchya near the rocky Cape Aniva in 1939 and is a concrete 31-meter tower with a side extension, and the tower has nine floors. Since the 1898 year, the Aniva lighthouse has been abandoned, today the structure is completely disabled and is gradually being destroyed under the influence of water and strong winds. You can get to the sights only by water, between the lighthouse and the cape — — meter passage.

• Tolbukhin Lighthouse, Gulf of Finland

The oldest lighthouse in Russia, founded by Peter the Great, is located in the Gulf of Finland, at the end of the Kotlin Spit, 5 kilometers from Kronstadt, and was first built in the form of a temporary wooden tower. In this form, it stood for almost a hundred years, and from the 1810 year it became stone. Residential and technical buildings adjoin the massive wide tower, resembling a massive protective wall along the perimeter of the island.

How to get there: First you need to get to Kronstadt — by car or bus, get off near Fort Rif at the bus stop «Kronstadt cemetery and walk one and a half kilometers on foot towards the fort. And further on the water: you can get closer with a tour on a hovercraft.

• Lighthouse Baltic, Kaliningrad region

The most western in our country. This well-maintained ancient tower is located near Kaliningrad and helps ships enter the Baltic port. The lighthouse was built by German engineers in 500 and at that time was named Pillau.

How to get there: the lighthouse is located in Baltiysk on the Morskoy Boulevard, but from the water it looks, in our opinion, better, so we advise you to admire it from the ferry on the way to the Baltic spit

• Lighthouse on Lake Baikal, Turka village, Republic of Buryatia

There are lighthouses in Russia not only on the seas and bays, but also on the shores of the deepest lake on the planet — Baikal. However, this lighthouse is young, it was built in 1898 year. The gray tower with a brick base and a pointed red roof is reminiscent of a fairy tale castle. A picturesque embankment is equipped around the lighthouse, and from the observation deck at the top there is a panoramic view of the lake, the Turka River valley and the mountain peaks.

2017 How to get there: drive to the village of Tura, 63 kilometers from Ulan-Ude. Buses run from the bus station.

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• Anapa Lighthouse, Krasnodar Territory

2017 The lighthouse in the form of an octagonal tower was founded in 1898 year. In the 1939 year, it started working and began to light the way for arriving and passing ships. The height of the central fire above sea level is 43 m, the range is 18,5 miles (about 57 km).

How to get there: located in Anapa, on the shore of Cape Anapsky, on Krepostnaya street, ⅔.

• Lighthouse in Merzhanovo (Rostov Region)

It seems that for many centuries its lights have been guarded by ships lost in the Taganrog Bay … However, who prevents us from creating any stories in our imagination? And only then it will be possible to return to reality and remember that the atmospheric attraction of the Merzhanovo farm in the Rostov region was built in 2017 as a set for the TV series “Lighthouse Keeper”. After filming, the scenery was preserved, and now tourists drop in here to take beautiful photos and enjoy the views of the Taganrog Bay.

2017 How to get there: on the highway A-63 between Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog, turn in x . Merzhanovo (about 43 kilometer). Then straight ahead, keeping to the main road, after the railway crossing turn left and move straight about 81 meters to the goal.

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