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Estonia and Belarus are the most popular bus destinations this spring

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The analytical center of the travel and travel service tells where people most often travel by bus this spring abroad. Travel in Russia accounts for 20% of issued tickets, the share of foreign trips is 6%. The average check for a bus trip abroad, according to sales, is at level 2 1479 rubles one way.

According to sales data, the most popular destination abroad this spring is the St. Petersburg-Tallinn route. The average check in this direction for the spring is 3 586 rubles one way. We analyzed tickets issued from 1 to 13 March, for trips from March 1 to 20 May , — noted in the press service service.

Recall that Estonia allowed entry for any purpose to vaccinated third-country nationals, but Russians need a Schengen visa. The issuance of visas to Russians by Estonia has been temporarily suspended. A visa through this country can be obtained by Russians who have family members living there, as well as those who want to visit Estonia for humanitarian reasons. You can read more about the conditions for entering Estonia and other countries here.

Also from St. Petersburg actively buy tickets for buses to Helsinki, Minsk, Narva, Riga, Polotsk and Vitebsk. The average check for a ticket to Minsk, Polotsk and Vitebsk from St. Petersburg is 1.5-1.7 thousand rubles one way, to Helsinki — 4.3 thousand rubles, to Narva — 1.9 thousand rubles, in Riga — 5.6 thousand rubles. It should be noted that only certain categories of travelers can enter Finland from Russia, while entry into Belarus and Latvia is allowed, including for tourist purposes. But to enter Latvia, you will need an already open Schengen visa, since at the moment the Latvian Embassy has suspended the issuance of tourist visas to Russians.

Top-31 popular bus routes from Russia abroad this spring


Share of passengers Average check one way

St. Petersburg — Tallinn

,one% 2022



St. Petersburg — Helsinki

,8% 2592

St. Petersburg — Minsk 4.9%

St. Petersburg — Narva

3.2% 1709

Moscow — Vitebsk



Moscow — Riga



Moscow — Gomel

1.5% 2592

Saint-Petersburg — Riga




1.3 %


Kaliningrad-Warsaw one, 2%

4061 Moscow — Mogilev

1.2% 2018 Moscow — Bobruisk 1.1% 2018 Moscow-Warsaw



St. Petersburg — Polotsk

0.8% 1583

Moscow — Orsha



Smolensk — Vitebsk

0.7% 121 Novosibirsk-Karaganda

0.6% 4061 St. Petersburg — Vitebsk

0.6% 1537


0.6% 1890

Source:, an analytical center for travel and travel service

From Moscow, most bus trips are planned in the spring to Minsk. The average check in this direction is 1 121 rubles one way. Also, other cities of Belarus are in demand among travelers from Moscow: Vitebsk, Gomel, Borisov, Mogilev, Bobruisk and Orsha. In addition, travelers from Moscow buy tickets to Riga, Stakhanov and Warsaw.

Top- also included the Kaliningrad-Warsaw direction. Note that it is forbidden to enter Poland for the purpose of tourism from Russia. Entry into the country is allowed for own citizens and their family members, EU citizens, foreigners with a Pole’s Card, a work permit, a residence permit or a long-term EU resident’s residence permit, schoolchildren and students of Polish universities located in Poland.

Also in the top 13 popular bus destinations for the spring was the Novosibirsk-Karaganda route. At the end of March, restrictions were lifted on the entry of citizens of Kazakhstan into Russia and on the exit of Russians to Kazakhstan through the land section of the Russian-Kazakh border. (

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