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Evening «clap» in Simferopol: unknown people tried to undermine the gas pipeline

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The night before (at 21:30) in Simferopol, in the microdistrict «Pnevmatika» a loud «pop» was heard. Oddly enough, there is still no official information about this incident, but a number of media and Telegram channels reported (with reference to their sources in law enforcement agencies) about an attempt to undermine the gas pipeline on Balaklavskaya Street.

The explosion occurred on the evening of March 19 at the site of the gas valve unit near Balaklavskaya Street. According to preliminary estimates, an unknown person planted an explosive device with a capacity of 200 grams of TNT. However, such power was not enough to disrupt the gas supply and cause a large fire — after the explosion, one of the pipes bent a little, but the valve assembly remained intact, there were no through damages— writes Base.

RIA News conveys the words of law enforcement officers:

There was an attempt to damage the gas pipeline, the persons involved in this incident are being established.

As reported RIA Novosti Crimea eyewitnesses, there was a loud explosion, a trailer was turned around near a car standing next to it. According to them, operational services arrived at the scene very quickly. The pipe was slightly damaged, leaving a 70-centimeter funnel in place.

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