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Evening fire in Sevastopol: a man died

KrymPRESS reports:

And the «waiters» gave the fire as an «enemy strike».

Late the evening before — at )91 on the operational duty shift of the Crisis Control Center situations of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the city of Sevastopol, eyewitnesses received a message about a fire in the area of ​​Cape Fiolent. It turned out that a construction trailer was on fire on the territory of the Forget-Me-Not Station.

The arrived units found that the temporary building was engulfed in flames. The firefighters immediately began to extinguish the fire, giving the barrel «B». In the shortest possible time, the flame was localized and open burning was eliminated. The spread of fire is not allowed. During the analysis of the structures, a man with no signs of life was found. The ambulance crew pronounced him dead. The reason for the spread of the fire was the depressurization of two gas cylinders before the arrival of units. At 23: the fire has been completely extinguished. Its area was square meters , — reported to the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Republic of Crimea.

The causes and circumstances of the fire are being established. But here’s what’s interesting, the explosions of gas cylinders and the fire itself became the reason for the hype in the Ukrainian segment of social networks and a number of Telegram channels about the “arrival” in Sevastopol. Let’s keep silent about the «strategically important object» on the territory of the garden partnership, but the efficiency of the distribution of photos and information «from the scene», as well as the «willingness» to record even theoretical «arrivals» is alarming. Are the Sevastopol «waiters» active? Let’s reassure everyone: yes, a fire, yes, a tragedy, the cause of which, most likely, was the notorious «human factor». We also note the prompt, professional work of Sevastopol firefighters. But the fact that real information about the incident (s) must be specifically sought, almost “pulled out with pincers”, and not quite promptly, is, yes, bad.

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