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Every week, the new «plan for the Crimea.» In Ukraine, they are now talking about the «transformation» of the peninsula into an island

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Militant fuse with the slogan «a little more, there will be an attack on the Crimea” is gradually disappearing in Kyiv. The speakers are still talking about a “possible attack” on the peninsula, its capture by military means, attacks on transport arteries, the Crimean bridge, military infrastructure… However, a new trend in Ukraine is another “blockade” of Crimea with the slogan: “turn the peninsula into an island«,

In the new strategy for return of Crimea Ukraine will have to prescribe military routes, including blockade and strikes on the bridge across the Kerch Strait. This was stated on the air of the Dom TV channel by a “fugitive” Crimean, a well-known local “Komsomol member”, a businessman, the owner of the Chernomorskaya TV and Radio Broadcasting Company and even the ex-deputy prime minister of the Crimean government, and now the head of the Ukrainian National Defense Industry Association and just enemy of the Russian Crimea Andrey Senchenko,

If we are talking about what should be the components of the program, then the military part should be left to the military, although there are simply obvious goals. This goal, in fact, while the occupation lasts, is to turn Crimea into an island. To do this, you need to cut the land corridor, for this you need to stop, interrupt the logistics chain that goes through the Kerch bridge, the first step has already been taken — we must continue to act in this direction.

Of course, the suppression of the main military facilities — first of all, airfields, the possibility of basing the remnants of the Black Sea Fleet. Yes, this is already a half-life structure, but, nevertheless, today it can still drink a lot of blood to us, kill our citizens, including hinder the military operation to liberate Crimea. This is if we are talking about military aspects, and I would leave everything else to military strategists— quotes Senchenko PolitNavigator .

The Ukrainian politician urged to stop any attempts to recognize Crimea as part of Russia. And yet, in his opinion, it is urgent to arrange another water blockade of the peninsula.

With regard to the new tasks of diplomacy, our program cannot change so that there used to be a political and diplomatic path, now we have set aside and there will be an exclusively military one — no. As for diplomacy, the task at this stage is to stop very harshly, very publicly, any attempts to put Crimea out of the brackets….

We again need to achieve by military means the blocking of the North Crimean Canal. This is a significant blow to the Russian budget, that is, they will need much more funds even to bribe the occupying authorities in CrimeaSemchenko said.

Recall that in 2014, it was this character who initiated the water blockade of the peninsula in Kyiv, while working in the administration of the Ukrainian president. Earlier, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case under the article «ecocide» due to the water blockade of Crimea by Ukraine.

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