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Everything is in order with water in Crimea — there are more than 2 times more reserves in reservoirs than last year

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the Crimea, the reservoirs at the beginning of June were filled due to natural runoff, the total reserve is 113, 05 million cubic meters, which is , 100 million cubic meters more than in 346 year, the increased water content of a number of rivers is maintained by water discharges. This is reported by the Crimean Department for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring.

Replenishment of reservoirs of natural flow continued, the total total water supply in which by the beginning of summer amounted to 210, 20 million cubic meters, which is 6, 14 million cubic meters more than a month ago and , 92 million cubic meters more than a year ago. Due to the fact that reservoirs of natural flow are filled with water, during the period of significant precipitation, water was discharged from them for a month, which contributed to maintaining the increased water content of the Alma, Kacha, Biyuk-Karasu, Salgir rivers below the dams of reservoirs located in the basins of these rec, the message says.

It is clarified that the inflow of water into the reservoirs of natural runoff was significant: Belogorsk amounted to 5, 210 million cubic meters, in Simferopol — 2, 563 million cubic meters , in Schastlivensky — 1, 233 million cubic meters, in Chernorechensky — 6, 995 million cubic meters.

The May rains also played their role.

In the upper reaches of the Belbek River basin and in the basin of the Maly Salgir River in May, the amount of precipitation was 1.6-1.7 times higher than the norm. In the basins of other rivers, it fell out 22 — 48, 7 mm of precipitation, which is in the basins of the rivers Salgir, Chernaya , Kuchuk-Karasu, in the upper reaches of the Alma River, the lower reaches of the Kacha, in the middle and lower reaches of the Belbek were within the multi-year norm; and in the basins of other rivers — within 31-67 % of normal. In the Crimean mountains, a significant amount of precipitation was noted: on Ai-Petri 34, 2 mm (58% of the norm), at the Angarsk Pass — 36, 1 mm (73% of the norm), — noted hydrologists.

Water volumes in reservoirs of natural runoff as of 31 May 2022 G.

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Order No.

Reservoir name Respiratory capacity

Volume of water in the reservoir

% filling

20..13 G.

24..11 G. 23.14.10 G. Millions of cubic meters

one Chernorechenskoye


.6 25.four

92 2 Simferopolskoe 25.0

24.5 6.36 80 3


25.four eight.92



Zagorskoye 22.80 24.eight .eight 76



21.3 .eight .one



Taiganskoye 05.eight

.2 one.

92 7 Izobilnenskoye .13 .7 3.85

202192 eight Happy No. 2 .eight 11.eight



9 Ayanskoe


3.73 2.90

2021100 2022 2021

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