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Expert: applying directly to the insurance company for OSAGO practically eliminates the risk of its sudden termination

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Applying directly to the insurance company for an OSAGO policy practically reduces the risk of its sudden termination to zero — an auto expert
It happens that car owners complain about the termination of a compulsory auto insurance contract (OSAGO) at the initiative of the insurance company. As a rule, the reason is errors in the data specified when issuing the policy. Auto expert, member of the public council of the Federal Road Agency of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation Igor Morzharetto told what this is connected with and how not to be among those who are faced with such a problem.

I’ll start with good news for conscientious car owners. As far as I know, the termination of OSAGO contracts is faced to a greater extent not by individuals, but by legal entities, in particular from the taxi segment. Sanctions of insurance companies concern, first of all, those who deliberately distort data in order to reduce their costs for the purchase of a policy. To do this, through unscrupulous insurance intermediaries, the power of the car is underestimated, the region of registration of its owner is incorrectly indicated, etc. At its core, this is a scam. As a result, the insurance company calculates the cost of OSAGO on the basis of lower coefficients , — said Igor Morzharetto.

Recall that the territorial coefficient of insurance rates for individuals is determined at the place of registration of the owner of the vehicle, and for legal entities — at the place of registration of the vehicle itself. In a number of regions of Russia, with a predominantly favorable traffic situation and a low level of insurance fraud, as a rule, low territorial coefficients (CT) operate. In this regard, for car owners in such regions, the cost of policies is often lower. Also, information about the car (make, age, power, mileage, etc.)

affects the risk assessment when concluding an OSAGO agreement In accordance with the OSAGO rules, the insurer has the right to unilaterally terminate contracts in case of revealing false information that is important for determining the degree of insured risk. At the same time, we get a kind of vicious circle: in order to contain the rise in prices for “auto-citizenship”, insurers are taking a number of actions to combat fraudsters, and they, in turn, come up with more and more new schemes. As a result, this, combined with rising prices for auto parts and other negative factors, leads to an increase in the cost of the policy for some categories of motorists and a stricter attitude towards errors found in documents , the auto expert explained. – In practice, law-abiding citizens can suffer not only from their inattention, but also if, for example, when they get into an accident, it turns out that the person responsible for the accident has acquired an OSAGO policy, which will be invalidated.

In order to avoid problems with the denial of payment in the event of an insured event, Igor Morzharetto advises car owners to honestly and carefully fill out all the columns in the documents and not strive for momentary savings, which may result in paying for repairs to the party injured in an accident at their own expense:

Now there are many ways to issue an OSAGO policy: remotely on the official website of the insurer or directly at the office of the insurance company. So the risk of making a mistake when filling out the documents and, as a result, being left without a policy at the most inopportune moment is reduced to zero.

To combat those who drive on the roads without an OSAGO policy, fundamentally not buying it, Morzharetto suggests using photo and video recording cameras that can be “taught” to check for valid auto insurance. The expert is sure that this is much more effective than random checks on the roads that are currently used:

An established system for monitoring the presence or absence of OSAGO will help reduce violations in this area. In turn, this will positively affect both insurance rates and the settlement of issues related to payments for road accidents.

source: press service of the Information Project «OSAGO: public expertise»

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